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  • Ratio Decidendi Essay

    courts, hence, the ratio of past cases are legally binding on subsequent cases. This concept is called precedent and it is designed to give effect to the fact that the English law to some large extent is based on case law, and that case laws are not mere materials which a judge takes into consideration when making a decision on a particular case. Binding precedents are obtained from the legal reasoning for the decision of the court, which is called the ratio decidendi. Ratio Decidendi, as…

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  • Inventory Turnover Ratios

    By analysing efficiency ratios, an organisation is able to measure “how effectively certain resources have been utilised by the business” (Atrill, et al., 2015, p. 253). The monitoring of key internal activities, provides organisations with relevant data for comparison purposes, using benchmarks such as a previous financial periods, industry competitors or planned performance for evaluation (Atrill, et al., 2015, p. 254). An analysis of the following four efficiency ratios, using financial data…

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  • Ratio Analysis For Amazon

    The quick ratio as quick assets/ current liabilities this ratio is more conservative than the current and it shows that Amazon will be able to cover each $1 have by $ 0.82. This percentage consider not the favor of the company as it supposes to be at least each $1 in the company be covered by $1 too. And as for cash ratio cash+ cash equivalents + invested funds/ current liabilities. Also the Cash Ratio measure the ability of Amazon to repay the debtor in short term. This ratio refines the…

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  • Patient Ratio Analysis

    Description of the Activity: I am doing my clinical rotation on 5 West, which is an Oncology/ Infection disease Medical- Surgical floor. Just like any other Med Surgical floor the staff to patient ratio is not ideal. Nurses take up to seven patients and the patient care techs (PCT) take 10 to 15 patients. It gets hard for the staff to provide patients with the best care possible when they are so short staffed. This past week I was responsible for two of my own patients while helping my nurse,…

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  • Nurse Patient Ratios

    Ethical Dilemma: Impact of Nurse to Patient Ratios Jamie R. Dupuy University of Louisiana Lafayette Ethical Dilemma: Impact of Nurse to Patient Ratios On the night shift in an ICU, a nurse finds herself working, the unit assigned to the Code Blue team with one other RN, no ancillary staff support, and six patients. As she is standing between two patient’s rooms, both of which have alarms sounding, a Code Blue is called on the floor. Which patient should she respond to first?…

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  • Sex Ratio Analysis

    In order to understand how to manipulate the sex ratio it is crucial to understand its composition. In 1979, China implemented the notorious ‘one child policy’ with the intent of reserving its dwindling resources (CBC News). However, when parents were faced with the dilemma of only having one child…

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  • Essay On Staffing Ratios

    Staffing Ratios in Hospitals Janie Kiester 4/4/2016 Types of staffing ratios Mandatory staffing ratios set out a minimum number of nurses to patients staffing ratio to increase the level of staffing in hospitals. Mandatory staffing ratios are used as a way to reduce workload and patient mortality in the hospital setting. (Pamela, 2013). Mandatory nurse to patient ratios are aimed at addressing the perceived imbalance between patient needs and nursing resources. However, issues have…

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  • Mandatory Staffing Ratio

    Creating a mandatory staffing ratio between nurses and patients will prevent many medical errors. Medical errors account for 98,000 preventable patient deaths each year, these can be caused by distractions, interruptions, ineffective communication, etc (Townsend, 2013). Over working our nurses can create higher nurse burnout and worsening health. We don’t need research to show that fatigue and sleep deprivation causes memory problems, slower reaction time, longer information processing time, and…

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  • Debt Ratio In Ghana

    I think the Debt/GDP ratio could be slightly higher as election years have always seen a reduced growth forecast even for nominal GDP. However, at that debt level, even though in practice it is difficult to determine what a “safe” debt level, the macroeconomic environment points to the fact that our fiscal space (maximum debt threshold) is almost running out. Therefore Ghana will be faced with severe debt sustainability risk with the rising debt levels. With the slow real GDP growth, low…

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  • Nurse Staffing Ratio

    Nursing Research The purpose of this research is to determine if there is correlation between nursing shortages and/or staffing ratios and quality of patient care and satisfaction with the outcome. The results of several studies show the relationship between the ratio of nurses/patients with quality of care and patient outcomes (Negarandeh, 2014, p. 3). There is a nursing shortage throughout the world. Patient care around the world has changed due to this shortage. Nurses are taking on more and…

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