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  • Debt-To-Income Ratio Analysis

    debt-to-income ratio was too high”. My friend was frustrated and asked me why this happened and what her “debt-to-income ratio” meant. My friend asked me whether taking utility bills out of her name would help. I said “no”. My friend asked me if cancelling credit cards that she no longer used (with a zero balance) would help. I said “no”. My friend could not understand why or what her debt-to-income ratio had to do with refinancing her home. Here is what I wanted her to know. Your…

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  • Positive And Negative Aspects Of The Video Production Industry

    specific technical knowledge. item The financial plan shows a good profit margin that can be considered for investment which is expected in the industry. However, some other financial decisions have led to distortions on return on assets and liquidity ratios. Better management of cash flow with revising policies on credit sales can give a more favorable…

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  • Child Care Ratio Essay

    Education(ECE), I only know the child care ratio about Ontario. But I knew that Child care ratio depends on the number of staff required per number of children. In Alberta, 0 to 12 months’ age of infant child ratio is 1:3 and maximum group size is 6 children while 0-18 months of the age of infant ratio is 1:3 but group size is 10. Age of the child 12 to 19 months’ child ratio is 1:4 and maximum group size is 8 in Alberta whereas Toddlers (18-30 months) child ratio is 1:5 and, group size is 15…

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  • Wag Ratio Analysis Essay

    pressure and temperature. 2.2.4 WAG ratio The WAG ratio is the relation ratio between the fixed volumes of slugs of the water and gas that are alternately injected to the formation. According to WU (2004), WAG ratio can be also defined as the ratio of the volume of water injected within the reservoir compared to the volume of injected gas. The WAG ratio is considered an important parameter in attaining the optimum percentage of recovery factor. However, the WAG ratio selection depends on the…

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  • Acid Test Ratio Analysis

    and Short-term investments and is compared to Current Liabilities. A higher Acid-Test Ratio is desired and should be near 1. A 1.00 result would show that a company can meet their most current obligations. The formula to calculate the Acid-Test Ratio looks like this: Acid-Test Ratio equals the sum of Cash, Short Term Investments and Accounts Receivable Net divided by Current Liabilities. YR12 Acid-test ratio for Company G is 0.43 which is down from 0.64 in YR11. The industry quartile data…

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  • Financial Ratios In Health Care

    Ratios are important for measuring for comparing one hospital to another and financial statements are necessary to compare from another. Accountants, management, and health care administrators are to refer to ratios as a guide to develop a broader convey of the financial standing of the organization. Liquidity ratios have a big part of accounting and health care organizations, and the purpose of them to assess how well the organization is doing in terms of assets. Then, solvency, efficiency, and…

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  • Golden Ratio Research Paper

    “The golden ratio is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.” (Elaine J. Hom )After the 21st century, golden ratio represents as a phi in Greek alphabet. The equation for golden ratio is a/b = (a+b)/a = 1.6180339887498948420 …,but if we round it two places, it will be 1.62.the golden ratio is also called the golden mean, golden section, golden number and so on. The…

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  • Mole Ratios Lab Report

    mole ratios affect the amount of reactant that is produced? This experiment tested why mixing reactants in different mole ratios affected the amount of the product and the amount of each reactant that is left over. To solve the problem, the lab contained reacting sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) and acetic acid(vinegar) in different ratios and seeing if the product changed. The data suggests that the higher ratio of baking soda to vinegar creates the most product. For the ratio 3:1,…

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  • Mandatory Nurse-Patient Ratios

    common reasons to why patient care is compromised is high nurse-patient ratios.…

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  • High Nurse Patient Ratio

    The standard nurse-to-patient ratio is four patients per one nurse, but a large amount of hospitals do not follow that ratio. The article, “What Happens to Patients When Nurses are Short-Staffed or Work with a High Nurse-to-Patient Ratio?” states, “When nurses are forced to work with high nurse-to-patient ratios patients get sent home too soon” (What Happens to Patients When Nurses are Short-Staffed or Work with a High Nurse-to-Patient Ratio?). Patients are getting sent home too early…

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