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  • Nurse To Patient Ratios Essay

    Safe Staffing Ratios on a Med-Surge Unit Angela Lyons Eastern Gateway Community College Abstract Nurses have an integral and important role in the health care system. In order to retain nurses and have quality patient care, acceptable nurse to patient ratios must be obtained. Three of the many benefits of adequate nurse to patient ratios are quality patient care, retention of nurses, and patient safety. Safe Staffing Ratios on a Med-Surge Unit Nurse staffing is a complex issue with no easy or quick solution. Staffing needs and problems will intensify as the changing need for health care grows in our society. Nurses have an integral and important role in the health care system. In order to retain nurses and have quality patient care, acceptable nurse to patient ratios must be obtained. Hiring additional staff is an economic issue, however, the outcomes could offset the cost. In the long run, satisfactory nurse to patient ratios will reduce spending and recruitment and retention of quality nurses will improve. Three of the many benefits of adequate nurse to patient ratios are quality patient care, retention of nurses, and patient safety. Key to Quality Patient Care The ratio of nurse to patient care is a significant key to the quality of health care received…

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  • Profitability Ratios

    Profitability ratios are a class of financial metrics that are used to access an organization ability to generate earnings compared to its expenses and other relevant cost that are incurred during a specific period of time. Profitability ratios are the most popular metrics used in a financial analysis. The different profit margins are used to measure a company’s profitability in various cost levels, including gross margin, operating margin, pretax margin and the net profit margin. The profit…

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  • Caterpillar Ratio Analysis

    The Caterpillar ratio analysis will focus on receivables turnover and inventory turnover. Receivables turnover is a company 's total sales divided by receivables, while inventory turnover consists of sales divided by inventory Block, Hirt, & Danielsen, 2014, p. 63). Receivables turnover grants the ability to calculate a company’s efficiency in receiving financial backing while gathering amounts outstanding on that loan. Inventory turnover ratio is the selling and replacement, of inventory,…

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  • Cameron Financial Ratios

    with strong market performances in what has been increasingly challenging conditions. They have positioned themselves well with a strong metropolitan radio group, investment focus on growth areas, with radio expected to grow 4% year on year over the coming five years Ibis World (2015).This positions them importantly with just over 60% of proportionate earnings in growth media, compared to 44% at the end of FY13. 3. Quantitative overview Financial ratios are useful tools for assessing a firm’s…

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  • Inventory Turnover Ratio

    Quick Ratio measures the ability of a company to fulfill its current liabilities with its most liquid assets. Overall, a rising quick ratio indicates that the company has enough cash to pay back its current liabilities. From the calculation, a decrease of Sleep Country’s quick ratios is prevalent between the 2014 to 2015 fiscal years. In 2014, the ratio reveals that Sleep Country had approximately $1.06 in quick assets for every $1 in current liabilities. However, in 2015 the quick ratio…

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  • Safaricom Ratio Analysis

    Ratio analysis is the quantitative analysis of information contained in a company’s financial statement. According to NetMBA (n.d.), ratio analysis is usually based on the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements of the company. It is used to analyze the financial performance of a company and also to compare different companies in the same industries and also different company’s in different industries, It is usually done on line by line item. The ratios which I have used…

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  • Company Coverage Ratios

    The purpose of these ratios is to measure if the company able to meet its financial obligation as they come due Coverage ratios include debt service coverage ratio, Cash Debt Coverage Ratio, and the asset coverage ratio. • Asset Coverage Ratio This ratio looks to the balance sheet assets in comparison to debt. The ratio is a company's total assets minus short-term liabilities divided by its total debt, a ratio of two or above means that the company has sufficient assets to manage its debt. •…

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  • Verizon Ratio Analysis

    constant rate with no dismal future in sight. Here are a few short analyses of what financial accounts are supporting Verizon: - Profitability Ratios: This ratio varied from industry to industry. Some company that have an overall profit margin of 25% might seem relatively low. However, if we compared it to other company in the same industry with a profit margin of 16%, that 25% doesn’t seem as small. Same can be said with Verizon, their profit margin came to be 14%. The telecommunication…

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  • What Is Google's Earning Per Share Ratio?

    Earning per share ratio is one of the profitability ratios computed by the net income less preferred dividends and divided the weighted average common shares outstanding. In 2015, Google’s earning per share ratio is $22.84. This indicates that if Google distributed every dollar of income to its shareholders, each shareholder would receive $22.84. In addition, Google’s earning per share ratios also increase from $20.57 in 2014 to $22.84 in 2015. These ratios in recent years are high, which means…

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  • Rroton Ratio Analysis

    Ratio analysis When evaluating the performance of ORL, financial ratio from different aspects will be considered together. 1. Profitability 1.1 ROE ROTON’s ROE has experienced fluctuation through the three financial years. The highest value represented the amount of 84.9% in 2011; on the other hand, the lowest value pointed 66.5% in the last financial year. The ROE of OROTON is sliding from 2011 to 2013. The downward trend indicates the management of ORL might not well manage the profits based…

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