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  • Nurse Bed Ratio

    done to consider related factors in delivering support and care to patients. Unlike the first article discussed, this study was created to consider the patient’s point of view. The study considers unit organizational factors such as nurse to bed ratio and skill mix/experience with patient access to support. Data analysis and results showed a positive association with staffing levels in effecting patient access to support. On the other hand, the accessibility of support declined when the…

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  • Respiratory Exchange Ratio

    dioxide that is produced per minute, V̇CO2. However, since it there is in fact a change in the gas storage in the body during exercise, a more accurate equation has been developed called the Haldane transformation. Respiratory exchange ratio, RER, is basically the ratio that exists between the expiration rate of carbon dioxide, V̇CO2, and…

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  • Private Prison Ratio

    The ratio of private prison correctional officers 1 to 6.9 inmates compared to 1 to 4.9 inmates in public prisons is a saving in itself. However, even with the reduced amount of private prison correctional officers and salary decrease from those who work at public facilities, the overall cost reduction would not be significantly enough. According to the CCA annual report operating expenses, private prisons spend more than twice as much on fixed charges of the prison these include costs of the…

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  • Police Gender Ratio

    It is very evident or clear that the gender ratio in police stations are uneven. This hasn’t been a problem just recently, no, there has been an obvious unbalancing for decades. Women in large police agencies have been accounted for 14.3% in 1999, 13.0% in 2000, and 12.7% in 2001 (NCWP Publications." National Center For Women and Policing. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Oct. 2015). What is even more alarming, is the fact that the percentage of women in police agencies is decreasing throughout the years.…

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  • Ratio Of Patient Care

    when they are sick, hurt, or just not feeling all that great. Now think about the hospital, is it automatically assumed the proper amount of patient care is received? In some areas and places that is true, others, not so much. In some hospitals, the ratio of patient care to paperwork is 1:1. Per every hour of patient care, an hour of paperwork is required in some hospitals. This hour could have been spent helping a pregnant mother with her first baby, a little girl with a broken arm,…

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  • Riverside Community Hospital Executive Summary

    standard industry ratios. Du Pont Analysis, “Summarizes and highlights a businesses financial condition”, which is mandatory to understand for the successful of the hospital (FACHE 2013). The industry average total profit margin is 3%, and Riverside Community hospital’s…

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  • Case Study Of Speedy Deliveries Ltd

    current and quick ratios, as the revenue in accounts receivable is yet be collected but counted towards usable cash. Number of Days in Collection Period The number of days in the collection period measures on average how many days a company takes to collect the short-term…

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  • Competency 319.1-4

    ACCOUNTING & FINANCE SUBDOMAIN 319.2 - INFORMATION TOOLS Competency 319.1.2: Ratios - The graduate determines the financial condition of a firm using financial ratios and other financial data. Competency 319.2.1: Technology Tools - The graduate uses information technology tools for specified business purposes. Objectives: 319.1.2-04: Determine a firm’s financial condition by calculating and benchmarking specified ratios against other companies in the industry. 319.2.1-01: Use the…

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  • Financial Ratio Analysis Essay

    RATIO ANALYSIS Financial ratios help external stakeholders, and enterprise managers know how well or poorly a business is performing and pinpoint areas that could do with improvement. Companies can also compare themselves to the competition or to diverse companies in other industries. Size need not be an issue since ratios standardize accounting relationships to provide management with a raw reckoning of financial status and trends. To better categorize them, financial ratios are generally…

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  • Debt-To-Income Ratio Analysis

    debt-to-income ratio was too high”. My friend was frustrated and asked me why this happened and what her “debt-to-income ratio” meant. My friend asked me whether taking utility bills out of her name would help. I said “no”. My friend asked me if cancelling credit cards that she no longer used (with a zero balance) would help. I said “no”. My friend could not understand why or what her debt-to-income ratio had to do with refinancing her home. Here is what I wanted her to know. Your…

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