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  • Numerical And Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

    cylindrical cross-sectional perforated and solid pin fins in a rectangular channel. The channel had a cross-sectional area of 250-100 mm2. The experiments covered the following range: Reynolds number 13,500–43,500, the constant clearance ratio (C/H) = 0, the inter-fin spacing ratio (Sy/D) 1.944 and 3.417 for Staggered arrangement and Inline arrangement of fins. Nusselt number and Reynolds number are considered as performance parameters. Correlation equations are developed for the heat transfer…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Five Above

    Below has been around a short period of time but is still very much a competitive discount retail stores. These store earnings are only in the thousands, however, the retail store is on a great path. This paper will discuss the cash ratio, current ratio, quick ratio, and other critical information about the company. Five Below is a fairly new retail store. However, the retail is counting to climb the chain in the business industry. Five Below, in my opinion, is a very interesting store. Five…

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  • Morrisons Case Study

    Return on equity ratio was from 12.65%, to 12.08% for the observed period. If the return on equity is 12.08% then around 12 cents of assets are created for each pound that was originally invested. This ratio explains the rate that shareholders earn on their shares. If a company obtains high returns in comparison to it’s share equity, this company can easily pay…

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  • Educational Nonprofits Case Study

    However, some caution is called for when using ratios as a method of analysis. These ratings provide potential early warning signals, or assist in the formulation of trends in the organization’s earnings and spending, but cannot on their own make judgments on the usefulness of specific practices or strategies. (Gaspar, et al., 2014) Current Ratio. This initial examination simply compares the current assets of the organization against its current…

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  • Hellenic Bottling Company Case Study

    the company Leverage ratios CCHBC’s ability to meet its obligations is a key factor when considering investing in the company. Debt Ratio informs us whether a company has enough assets to meet its debts. Lower the Debt Ratio, the more lucrative it appears to the investor. In the case of CCHBC, the Debt Ratio is 0.6, which is slightly higher than the ideal figure of 0.5. However, this figure has remained consistent over the past couple years and appears to be stable. Debt ratio =Total Liabilities…

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  • The Variation Of Poisson's Equation

    The variation of poisson’s ratio (σ), depends on the variation of the values and relative values of (E) and (G) in Equation (10) and (Ul) and (Us) in Equation (11). For any material (E) and (G) as well as (Ul) and (Us) tends to increase or decrease together. Therefore, we cannot decide the variation of (σ) in the same or opposite direction to that of (E) and (G). Using Equations 10 and 11 we can predict the behavior of (σ) according to which of the two elastic constants varies more than the…

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  • Rattanindia Power Limited Case Study

    Rattanindia Power Ltd. was formerly known as Indiabulls Power . It is one of the India’s largest private power generation companies and was incorporated in 2007. It has a market capital of Rs. 2273.76 cr. It is divided into four segments Thermal Power, Solar ( Maharashtra, Punjab ,UP), Mining(Haryana) and Cement (Maharashtra).Its Power supply segment contributes around 88.91% of the total sales. Whereas, other services includes 11.08% of total sales of the company Rattanindia consists of Ajit…

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  • Coco Cola Vs Pepsi Research Paper

    Turnover Coco cola 5.89 Pepsi 9.25 Inventory turnover ratio is a ratio calculated to check how many times the inventory was sold and replenished over a period of time. Pepsi has 9.25 over Coco-cola which has 5.89 as the inventory turnover. Pepsi has sold more inventory than coco-cola. Day Sales Inventory Ratio of Coco-Cola vs Pepsi co. Day Sales Inventory: 365/ Inventory turnover ratio Coco cola Pepsi Annual 365 365 Inventory Turnover ratio 5.89 8.25 61.96943973 44.24242424 Rounded…

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  • The Concrete Strength Analysis Of Perdikaris, And Concrete

    material is homogenous but size of aggregate is different then one of the aggregate will be more durable and strong. It also concluded that the mixture elements should be of equal and must have all the same type materials which include aggregates, ratio of cement and water, sand, weight of the materials and days of its…

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  • Financial Performance Of Seven Second Generation Banks Of Bangladesh

    this study is intended to evaluate comparative financial analysis during the period of 2011- 2014 of seven second generation commercial banks operating business in Bangladesh. To make a useful comparative study different financial ratios and measures are used. Financial ratios are segmented into four main categories and measures are including two indicators. Seven second generation banks are selected for comparison…

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