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  • Emergency Training Reflection

    More commonly, the best way to learn something is to physically do it. Hands on participation will generally drive home the learned tasks. Since January 4th, 2016 alone, I have participated in two separate emergency operational events at a managerial level. With unexpected water level increased off the Mississippi River caused a repeat of levee flooding near the southern part of Louisiana and more recently the massive amounts of thunderstorms across the entire state have caused severed flooding…

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  • Gumdrop Case Study Essay

    Gumdrop Cases | West Liberty Foods Company Profile GumDrop Gumdrop Cases makes cases for Smartphones, Tablets, and Macbooks that provide ruggedized protection from harsh conditions. Combining innovative and fashion-forward design with maximum protection, Gumdrop provides unique options, including screen and port protection, shock absorption and drop protection. For more information, visit West Liberty Foods Our mission is to be a leading food manufacturer by converting…

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  • Importance Of The Second Amendment In The United States

    God gave every human rights, but it is the government’s job to protect those rights. The government was put in place to provide equal protection to American’s, not equal possessions. The constitution states a well-regulated militia is essential to a free state. American’s will fight off foreign invaders together, with a well-trained militia. The militia will not threaten the people of America…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Having A Gun

    “2.5 million homes are broken into a year” that means on average 208333 homes are broken into a month. Considering that, 208333 homes are being broken into every month, is enough motivation to many people to buy a guns. You may have those home protection systems installed but that won’t stop a burglars from breaking in, because most home systems can be hacked into and turned off so you never really know if you are safe. Because you will have the upper hand against any burglar they would never…

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  • Condom Shop Advertisement Analysis protection is defined as “the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm.” But protection comes in many forms. This ad for Condom Shop is all about being properly protected and is advertising condoms and safe sex. In the ad you can clearly see that the man is in some sort of battle or situation and he is not properly covered or protected like the other men. Through this ad Condom Shop is promoting safe sex through protection by using text,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Housing Discrimination

    One important issue facing our country is housing discrimination. The main reason why we still need to fight housing discrimination and it is such of an unfair problem is that the people being discriminated against can’t have the same opportunities as everyone else because they can’t live where they want to based on something they have no say in, like the color of their skin or which country they were born in. To put a permanent end to it, we need to ensure that all people are protected under…

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  • How Is George Loyal

    Of Mice and Men Reading Notes: Ch. 2 A good friend is loyal, protective, and caring. George is loyal. I think George is loyal in the way that if Lennie feels uncomfortable in a place, George will do anything to get him out of it. page 33, George says, “We gotta keep it till we get a stake. We can’t help it, Lennie. We’ll get out jus’ as soon as we can. I don’t like it no better than you do.” and “for two bits I’d shove out of here. If we can get jus’ a few dollars in the poke we’ll shove…

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  • IT Security Policy Framework

    IT Security Policy Framework Darryl E. Gennie Professor Kevin Jayne Augusta CIS 462 26 July 2015 Strayer University For the healthcare insurance industry it is important to have an Information Security Policy Framework within the organization. This protects information that is accessed across the network by staff personnel and patients. ISO 27000 includes a series of international standards that provide a model for establishing, operating, maintaining, and improving an Information…

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  • Urinary Tract Infection Analysis

    Many policy and protocols are initiated with evidence based practice and is significant when implementing a new or revision of policies. Identification of a problem is key to the process of policy making and is the first step to implementing or changing of a policy (Finkelman & Kenner, 2013). The following step is to learn more about the problem that needs to be addressed. This is done…

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  • Environmental Science Personal Statement

    I would like to work as a mediator between scientific researchers and legislators which could potentially have an influence in policy making. For instance, developing citizen sciences programs that could educate the public population, regardless of their social class, about the environmental situation promotes different stakeholders to work towards a common goal. I have taken a…

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