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  • Overview Of The IFAC Code Of Ethics For Professional Accountants

    matters. Interpretation 2003-01 The Provision of Non-Assurance Services to Assurance Clients The Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants addresses the issue of the provision of non assurance services to assurance clients in paragraphs 290.158−290.205 inclusive. The Code does not currently include any transitional provisions relating to the requirements set out in these paragraphs however the Ethics Committee 5 has concluded that it is appropriate to allow a transitional period of one year,…

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  • Personal Code Of Ethics As A Disability Support Professional

    Personal Values and Attitudes Every person is unique and has a different set of personal values, attitudes and beliefs that shaped their way of living. As a Disability Support Professional (DSP), I am going to support individuals with mental, physical and intellectual disabilities, who may have a different set of values and beliefs as compared to my values and beliefs. As a DSP, I should keep in mind that the person I am going to support has his/her own values and beliefs and I should respect…

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  • Human Service Professional Ethics Case Study

    A human service professional play a significant part in the helping process in today’s culture by working with various specialists to help assist individuals, communities, and groups. Human service professional’s intentions are to help improve the quality of their client’s lives. All human professionals perform the same tasks in their profession by identifying the problem for the client’s needs, creating a plan to overcome obstacles, and putting the plan into action. While making these plans the…

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  • Utilitarian Ethics: The AICPA Code Of Professional Conduct

    stakeholder’s interests in favor of the majority stakeholders. The history of corporate accounting fraud could represent an application of utilitarian ethics to ethical challenges faced by business executives and, at the same time, could also serve as examples of reasons why utilitarian ethics is could not be acceptable. One of the reasons why utilitarian ethics, as an almost exclusive basis for business conduct, has withstood is because harm is usually limited to loss of material property. In…

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  • ACA Code Of Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas And Professional Challenges

    Ethical dilemmas and professional challenges surround us on a daily basis, how we respond to them is crucial to our professional career. In 2005, the American Counseling Association (ACA) published a document titled the ACA Code of Ethics which was designed to aid counselors in the ethical decision making process and, in response, “expand the capacity of people to grow and develop” (Alexandria, 2014, p. 3). Counselors are obligated to follow these sets of guidelines on a daily basis, in and out…

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  • Professional Ethics In Forensic Science

    application of forensic science, he opines, can lead to wrong conclusion that has a ripple effect of wrong justice being meted out by the legal system on innocent individuals that relies on such. His article brings to the fore the issue of professional ethics in this field of science. Firstly, identifying the perpetrator as a step in the evidentiary process can be compromised through forensic science application. This is due to the likelihood of the…

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  • Unsatisfactory Professional Ethics In Nursing

    1. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) defines “unsatisfactory professional conduct” as a breach of the following standards: conduct below reasonable standards, contravention of national law or regulations, contravention of conditions of registration, contravention of health care complaint act, accepting benefits regarding to referrals, services, or products, supervision of assistants, and other improper ethical conducts (2013). As per Conyard (2015) the registered nurse (RN) was found…

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  • Professional Ethics Vs. Morals In Therapy

    Professional Ethics Vs. Morals In some cases, people have to ignore their personal morals in order to remain ethical in regards to their professions. When I was a young girl, my mother married a very well known and successful attorney. My step father had a prideful way about himself. He had a stern voice and stood tall, as if he was balancing a stack of books on his head. I thought as if this man could be made of stone, that was until one day he came home from a long day of court. My new…

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  • Health Professional Ethics Case Study

    4. Do health professionals compromise their integrity when they get involved in addressing some of the social determinants as an advocate, activist, or academic? In my opinion, I do not think that health professionals compromise their integrity when they get involved as advocates, activists, or academics to address social determinants of health. I also think that addressing social determinants either as an advocate, as an activist or as an academic is in one way or another a part of being a…

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  • Professional Code Of Ethics Case Study

    The Nursing of the Professional Code of Ethics considered the requirement and the power to care in nursing population, the aim of the trader and his company. It is centered on the person, family and community and requires that nursing workers are allies users in the struggle for a risk-free assistance and damage and accessible to the whole population. According to Frank (2013), nursing officials contribute as a member of the health group, the actions focusing to fulfil the health requirements of…

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