Personal Code Of Ethics As A Disability Support Professional

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Personal Values and Attitudes
Every person is unique and has a different set of personal values, attitudes and beliefs that shaped their way of living. As a Disability Support Professional (DSP), I am going to support individuals with mental, physical and intellectual disabilities, who may have a different set of values and beliefs as compared to my values and beliefs.
As a DSP, I should keep in mind that the person I am going to support has his/her own values and beliefs and I should respect his/her perspective and the ways that they want to live their lives. The main thing that we have to consider in our mind is that, every person has a personal code of ethics, which is shaped by values and attitudes. We develop our personal code of ethics
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They were neglected and were not considered as part of the community. There were no educational, vocational programs and any other life developing training. During the Sub-Human Organism Dominant around 1920, people who had disabilities; they had to go through the process of sterilization. So, they cannot give birth to a new child. Towards the end of the first era, the providers made access to food, clothing and shelter. But, providers wanted person with various disabilities to be thankful for the support that they were …show more content…
I personally believe that our code of ethics starts to develop right from our childhood. I gained more information and insight from my parents as compared to society and other things. Throughout my course study, I became more aware about various life aspects of people with disabilities. For instance, every person has some gifts, talents and abilities regardless of his/her physical and mental condition.
The main concept of my life as a professional is showing respect and dignity to everyone in the society, which works as a pillar of my code of ethics. Everyone wants to be respected by others. Furthermore, another thing that is part of my code of ethics is to gain a more empathetic approach towards people with disabilities. It is very crucial for me to treat persons with disabilities with empathy rather than showing sympathy towards them. Another thing that works perfect for me as part of my code of ethics, is being honest and showing fairness in every stage of my life. I learned this great value from my family. It does not matter where we are coming from, we have to present justice and honesty at all times; it is a good quality to have as a valued member of society and as a professional. For instance, being honest as a Disability Support Worker will help us to work smoothly and make incredible changes in the lives of the persons with various

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