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  • Circulatory System Essay

    It also helps circulate carbon dioxide, nutrients, and hormones throughout the body. (Johnson, p 651) Blood is a liquid that flows through the body. It is composed of several different particles: Red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Red blood cells are cells in the blood that transports oxygen molecules and nutrients to the whole body. Red blood cells are created inside the bone by the bone marrow. (What are red blood cells?) White blood cells are cells in the body that…

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  • Itp Research Paper

    is characterized by a low platelet count caused by both increased platelet destruction and insufficient platelet production [1]. In Japan, there are 20,000 patients with ITP and the incidence of ITP is estimated at 3,000 per year [2]. Major signs and symptoms include red spots and/or bruising on the skin, prolonged bleeding, nosebleeds, heavy menstrual flow, and fatigue [3]. Patients with IPT are tired, depressed, have muscle aches, mood swings, dread the next platelet count, or are plain scared…

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  • The Blood Group System

    About blood Functions Blood is the biological fluid in our body that transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and also exports the metabolic waste product away from the cells. To ensure the supply of oxygen needed by our organs and tissues, there are four important steps: 1. The oxygen must be transferred from our lungs into the blood plasma 2. The oxygen is stored on the hemoglobin in the red cells 3. The oxygen is transported to our body cells via circulation. 4. The oxygen is released…

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  • Explain The Three Phases Of Blood Clotting Process

    hours (CNX, 2016). Describe the three phases of the normal blood-clotting process. Hemostasis is made up of three phases. The first stage consist of a platelet plug formation involving platelets becoming sticky allowing they to cling to the injury site. The second phase in known as the vascular spasm that consist serotonin to be released by the platelets resulting the blood vessels to constrict therefore decreasing the loss off blood. The third stage consists of coagulation involving the…

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  • The Muscular System In The Human Body

    Muscular system: Major functions The muscular system function is that it allows movement of body parts, and works with skeletal system to help us move. Major muscles types : There are many muscles in the muscular system. Some are skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle. The skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle can stretch and contract, but they complete different functions. The skeletal muscle is attached to your skeleton by strong, springy tendons or is directly connected to rough…

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  • Epoprostenol Research Paper

    Epoprostenol • Definition of epoprostenol (Flolan). - Epoprostenol belongs to some hormones which present in the body naturally called prostaglandins. - It is derived from arachidonic acid . This medication is taken by a continuous injection in the vein by the use of an infusion pump . - Generic Name: Epoprostenol sodium - Brand Name : Flolan Fig. 1 Chemical structure of epoprostenol • During comparison between two GPs of patients with of them are treated with…

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  • The Case Of The Careless Caregiver Essay

    Introduction: The Case of the Careless Caregiver is about the care of Grace H who retired 10 years ago as a high school English teacher in Pine Junction, due to early signs of dementia. After her retirement from teaching, Grace went to live at Happy Valley Nursing Home where her Dementia progressed into Alzheimer’s disease. After living at Happy Valley Nursing Home for nine years and appears to be content with her living situation, Grace started showing marked changes , like eating less, staying…

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  • Hesi Case Study Mariana

    1. Mariana’s microbiology results have led to the ruling out of any urinary tract infection (UTI), Gastroenteritis and malnutrition. The results show that her red and white cell count are within the normal range and also the epithelial cells found in the urine sample are of a moderate amount and there were no significant bacterial growth. Abnormalities in this results would have indicated to a UTI but the results were normal. According to Roche (2011), presence of bacteria, in addition to a…

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  • Careless Giver Case Study Essay

    Step 4: To use imagination and explore several alternatives of the case study, it affords us to use deontology, utilitarianisms, and a virtue ethics to explore the. The idea is to have a caring response that create a process in which the dilemma will not manifest itself again. The first practical alternative is to explore treatment that will make the patient comfortable without more alternatives test and extra treatment and more fulfilling for the patient and her brother. Find new ways to help…

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  • Big Pimples Research Paper

    Many people some time wake up to find a big pimple has grown up on us overnight. They more often begin to become delicate and after that, a few days will reach a critical stage. However arbitrary your skin's upheavals may appear, trust it or not, they, in reality, all occur due to some reasons. There are huge amounts of clarifications concerning why your skin may have emitted with a pimple or a certain type of acne you've never experienced before. There are really various kinds of a pimple,…

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