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  • Difference Between Formal And Informal Letter Writing

    Letter writing is a very important lesson; it is a form of communication that is necessary to have some sort of knowledge about. Eventually, we must know how to write a letter and the difference between the types of letters. In this lesson provided by Professor Kaya, she showed us different types of letter and note writing. While addressing both formal and informal letter writing, she also gave the meanings of both forms of letters. A formal letter is considered personal, whereas, informal…

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  • Describe Issacson's Four Characteristics Of The Process Approach

    1. List and describe Issacson 's (2007) four characteristics of the process approach in which the teacher introduces the student to the entire process of writing. For each characteristic, explain why this is important for students with disabilities (2 pts each = 8 pts) The process should be modeled. The teacher shows the students how to utilize their notes to create sentences, and demonstrates how to organize information and by questioning the topic. The teacher also demonstrates to the students…

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  • Diversity: Multi-Racial Discrimination In The United States

    Our beloved country, Malaysia, is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi religion country with a population about 20 million people practicing various religions. In order to ensure the strength of multi-racial spirit within the country, racial equal rights shall be established. Racial discrimination shall not be allowed as it develops hatred among different races. Hence, I strongly agree that harmony within diversity should be nurtured and cherished. Harmony is defined as peace while diversity…

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  • Examples Of Spirituality In The Movie Letters To Religion

    He is an extraordinary eight-year-old boy. Surrounded by a loving family and community, and armed with the courage of his faith, he faces his daily battle against cancer with bravery and grace. To Tyler, God is a friend, a teacher and the ultimate pen pal—Tyler's prayers take the form of letters, which he composes and mails on a daily basis. From his situation, I realized that the ways of Spirituality practice may not be heal his sickness but it heals and nourishes his soul. Furthermore, I…

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  • The Importance Of My Brother

    From as long as I can remember my brother has always been my greatest ally, we have always been adjoined at the hip, despite our seven-year age gap. Our relationship has aged equivalently to a fine scotch, becoming more robust and smoother with time. Just like any other set of sibling fights were a common place in our home but as we grew older the dynamics of our relationship were constantly changing. Regardless of the drama that insured our mother and father instilled in us that if anything…

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  • Analysis Of My Last Duchess By Robert Browning

    Robert Browning is considered today as one of most influential poets of all time. Using dramatic monologue which he contributed to poetry, influencing other major poets. In the narrative poem “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning, the author’s life and career affect his poetic work. By using his own background to demonstrate the main character’s actions and desires. Robert Browning’s family was influential in his life. In other words, “The poet’s father had originally wanted to be an artist—he…

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  • Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

    in our local areas. Also, we can share our own pictures by posting them on the internet and share them with people around the world. Mr. Carr never mentions this in his article. Remember when we were in elementary school and we had to write to a pen pal in different parts of the world or country? Well, our teachers were teaching us about cultural experiences. Cultural experiences is still a huge part of education. So how could this experience that we have access to make us stupid. I would…

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  • The Importance Of Clarification In The Classroom

    Every student brings a form of prior knowledge to the classroom whether they are a native English speaker or an English language learner (ELL). As a teacher, it is my job to figure out what that prior knowledge is and expand upon it in multiple ways. Every classroom contains different types of learners that require information to be presented in alternative forms. Because of this understanding, I focus on varying my instructional delivery as well as trying different teaching strategies to meet…

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  • Creativity Research Paper

    Creativity is a natural gift of humanity. You can't create or control creativity, even with our advanced technology today that is able to tweak with the very core of our genetic makeup, DNA. Creativity is not woven into the strands of our flesh, or physical body. It is in our mind, born from our souls. It can only be cultivated and nurtured, not made. Communication is a natural asset as well. Babies communicate happiness with gurgles and discomfort with crying. Even without words,…

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  • Unjust System In Dead Man Walking

    Unjust Systems Sister Helen Prejean, in her book Dead Man Walking, uses statistics, stories of injustice, and her childhood experiences to relate discrimination and poverty in cities like New Orleans to the death penalty: both are unfair systems that need to be reformed. Prejean first demonstrates ethos, using anecdotes of her experiences as a white child in the segregated 1950’s to convince the reader of her understanding of discrimination. After ethos, Prejean uses logos in the form of…

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