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  • Unjust System In Dead Man Walking

    Unjust Systems Sister Helen Prejean, in her book Dead Man Walking, uses statistics, stories of injustice, and her childhood experiences to relate discrimination and poverty in cities like New Orleans to the death penalty: both are unfair systems that need to be reformed. Prejean first demonstrates ethos, using anecdotes of her experiences as a white child in the segregated 1950’s to convince the reader of her understanding of discrimination. After ethos, Prejean uses logos in the form of…

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  • Panzram's Impact On Henry Lesser

    for a twenty-five-year sentence Henry Lesser became Henry James and Panzram’s ‘pen-pal’. Lesser would still send money to Panzram to get cigarettes while he was at Leavenworth prison (Borowski, 2011). Panzram thanked Lesser in his final letters for treating him as a human being and believed if he would have been treated like that in the beginning he could have been a better man (Borowski, 2011). Criminal Acts That Contributed to Panzram’s Criminal Lifestyle During Panzram’s time in the…

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  • Moonrise Kingdom Analysis

    While best known for his distinct use of specific shots in his cinematography, Wes Anderson pays more attention to elements of the set design and placement of the characters on screen in his 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom. The film tells the story of two twelve year olds running away together and being searched for by their respective guardians, a Captain Sharp, and a troop of Khaki Scouts. While in most of his films Anderson does give some attention to elements of the mise-en-scene, in Moonrise…

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  • A Humorous Letter

    country no more than a thorn in the side of the east and west, a nation-sized suicide bomber.” This is disheartening to hear, because I believe we could do so much more if we could work together. I truly believe that this letter, and us becoming pen pals could transcend what our countries are. I hope that one day you would make me feel welcome, and I would visit your home. I hope someday to show you my home as well. It has been a pleasure to write this letter, and to allow you a…

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  • Burma Descriptive Writing

    The cloud mist lifted and the landscape unraveled from beneath. Roads slithered across the great expanse of the Earth. They coiled around subdivisions, a series of homogenous fixtures when viewed from above. The checkerboard squares of green terrain waned amidst the approaching urbanization. Even from 10,000 feet in the air, the giveaways of the West were discernable — a Wal-Mart here, a baseball stadium there, the occasional backyard swimming pool. Subtle chatter, inclined bodies, oohs and…

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  • Little People Create Social Change Please tell us about the work of your organisation and your track record. Little people make big change is project that has been designed to create social change and raise awareness on matters that affect us globally and how we can make small yet large change. This project commenced on a Facebook page were weekly post are published with Ideas and Activities that encourage both parents and children to contribute to making a difference. This page has promoted…

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  • The Influence Of Technology And The Modern Relationship

    will ever replace the feeling of getting a handwritten letter from someone you love, especially nowadays since the chances of anyone taking the time to write an actual letter, buy a book of stamps and send it in the mail is so rare. The idea if a “pen pal” is long deceased in…

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  • Caviar Company Case Study

    Caviar 101 A crash course from two sisters living the caviar dream Caviar refers to unfertilized, salt-cured fish eggs from sturgeon. Five years ago, Petra Bergstein, Texas Tech, and Saskia Bergstein, TCU, had never tried the stuff. Petra’s work on a sturgeon farm in Sacramento, California, first hooked her on caviar in 2012, not only as a food but as a business idea. She enlisted her sister, Saskia—a consultant and CPA—to help build a new caviar brand from the ground up. Today, the sisters own…

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  • Realism In A Story In Diane Cook's Short Story

    non-fiction. Her non-fiction works have been published in the New York Times Magazine and on This American Life radio. At This American Life, she worked as a radio producer for six years. Her favorite episode of This American Life is Episode 246:”My Pen Pal,” which she produced. Her fiction work landed…

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  • Assignment 1: Social Media And Formal Communication

    I. SOCIAL MEDIA Since the launch of Social Media in 1997, personal and formal communication has completely transformed. No more are the times of writing letters to a pen pal or sending telegrams. People strive on communication to build their professional and personal relationships; so it only makes sense that communication would evolve as well and become more convenient. The earliest identifiable form of Social Media is Six Degrees; which launched in 1997. Users could upload pictures and start a…

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