Caroline Mccain: A Short Story

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Caroline McCain sat in the back row of desks in the classroom, in which was filled with anxious seniors waiting for the year to get started so it would be over. Their English Language Arts teacher handed out the assignments they were to complete through the year. Each student received an envelope, inside it held details on a person who was serving the country. Whether they were across the sea, or serving right here in the states.

" Alright class, this assignment is going to account for a third of your grade." Mrs. Nephew stated as she stood in front of the class. "Each of you have received an envelope in which will contain an email address and a few details about your pen pal. Names were not given, that is for you to find out." she moved to the black board. "Every so often I will assign a
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Nephew walked to the class room door. "Thoes of you who have received email addresses, the computer lab is waiting for you." Caroline opened her envelope and sighed when she saw the email address. Part of her glad that she was not hand writing these letters. Gathering her things, she made her way to the lab.

Opening her email, she started a new one. Glancing at the paper work with all the instructions, she realized she was not given much information. Sighing she started writing.

Dear Whom Ever:

Sorry for the lack of a fancy entrance to this email, I unfortunately was not given your name so I could address is appropriately. I am not even sure where to begin in this email, we were only told to write letters to our pen-pals whom are Service Men and Women.

So I guess Ill tell you about myself and see how this all unfolds.

I am Caroline, I am 18 years old and a senior in High School. I come from a small town in which everyone knows everyone. I dream of leaving one day, but we will see. I love sports, and I participate in almost every school sport there is ranging from Cheer-leading, to softball and soccer. I gave my hand at the drama club but...yeah was not for

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