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  • Marcus Wicker

    So Sad.” convey the compulsion of writing. The speaker’s pen begs for the chance to write, “Use me. Use them. Write/ their stories” (Wicker 41). The use of italics is to convey to the reader the internal dialogue of the speaker as a writer; they have a drive to craft stories from the inspiration around them.…

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  • Micah Pistillo-Personal Narrative Essay

    the one the judge raved about so much. I was the one who made her cry. I was the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award. Four years ago, as a seventh grader, I was sitting in the auditorium of Garfield Middle School as a participant in the Power of the Pen district competition. After the competition, I learned the benefit of trying new things and how it helps not only me, but others as well. When I was in the seventh grade I had a few close friends but was shy around many others. I spent a…

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  • Pt1420 Unit 1 Application Assignment

    different grocery items (milk, eggs, bread, orange juice, strawberries). I then asked Cassie, “what can you do to learn and remember the items of groceries on the list?” Cassie responded with, “maybe a list.” I then stated, “what if we didn’t have paper or pens, how would we remember these five items?” Cassie responded with, “by creating a song.” I then asked Cassie to create a song that included the five grocery items. I gave Cassie as much time as she needed in order to create a song. When she…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Cursive Writing

    how to write in cursive and point out the proof of the impacts on the people academically and socially. For instance, students will be able to take notes faster in college because printing letters, which requires raising and lowering the pencil or pen point for each letter, are slowing you down while you only have to lift and drop the point at the beginning and end of the word with cursive. From my view, beside those college students who already have their laptops or can afford one, the rest of…

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  • Erika Case Study

    1) Discuss specific tactical options available to Erika and their consequences? According to the case, it seems that Erika have only limited time to deal with the situation. To make the positive outcomes from the negotiation with Mr. Feng she has to put her “best foot forward”. Moreover, the business relationships in Asian countries take time to evolve and are tend as most important thing for making a good agreement between the parties. Hence, it’s upto Erika only to decide which way to go.…

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  • Analysis Of The Red Tree By Shaun Tan

    The Red Tree (Shaun Tan, 2001) is a children’s picture book that is both written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. The Red Tree is a book about depression, despair and ultimately, hope. The book follows a girl struggling with depression who, at the end of the book, finds hope in the form of a red tree. For a picture book to be successful, both the illustrations and written text generally can exist independently, but complement each other. There is a strong marriage between the written and visual…

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  • Termite Experiment Essay

    We used several inked pens which were blue, green and red. Also, a paper, a ruler, a small brush and of course a tube containing the termites. The experiment started by the teacher giving us the required materials. A student in the group drawn different lines with different…

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  • School Bells Soon To Ring Again Persuasive Speech

    Grocery shopping begins to include the stationery aisle.( My wife is an avid pen collector so our shopping trips always did include a scan of the stationery aisle, but now we stop to look at pens and paper with more serious intent!) We begin collecting new pens and pencils, we buy new back packs and new shoes, we consider what the future might hold and how we want our future to look as we place our new highlighter pens in rows in front of us. As a newly crowned father I am privileged to watch my…

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  • Reflection On How Will You Manage Classroom Discussions

    12. How will you manage classroom discussions? In order to facilitate discussions in the classroom, I will have a procedure that includes craft sticks that have the students ' names on them. This discussion procedure ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to participate and share their responses in class. The randomness of drawing a student’s name using the craft Sticks method also helps with classroom management by keeping students engaged because they might be called on to…

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  • Why I Chose Drawing

    Art has always been a passion of mine, no matter what the form. It has always been something that can appeal to all tastes, no matter how unusual they may be. I am often working on a collection of art projects ranging from things like drawing and painting, to music and video. Working on projects helps me express my creativity and I also find it relaxing working on things that I enjoy. Out of all the different forms of art I do, drawing is what I work on the most. Drawing is the basis for most…

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