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  • Mousetrap Car Research Paper

    that we would need to construct the car. These materials included one mousetrap, cardboard pieces, six balloons, four eye hooks, 2 smooth pens, string, and four small records. However, there were a few steps that had to be taken before connecting all of the materials together. The pens had to be stripped to be made hollow. We pulled the front and back out of the pen to get a hollow cylinder. Then, we cut the balloons in order to apply them to the wheels. We cut the top and bottom of the balloons…

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  • Analysis Of Doubt, A Parable By John Patrick Shanley

    As well, the reader sees a similar response of concealed fury from Sister Aloysius when she notices that Father Flynn uses a ballpoint pen. Earlier on in the play the reader is informed of Sister Aloysius’ hatred for ballpoint pens, and such is evidently displayed with her tone when she mentions Father Flynn’s use of ballpoint pens. By associating ballpoint pens to Father Flynn, Sister Aloysius naturally develops negative feelings for Father Flynn. In addition, Father Flynn has an extremely…

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  • The Characters And Audience In Doubt: A Parable

    How Doubt Affects The Characters and Audience in Doubt: A Parable It is difficult to be certain about anything in this world. In the story "Doubt: A Parable" uncertainty is a predominant feeling whether it be each individual character or the audience. In our everyday lives we come across countless things that we are uncertain of. Doubt is a presence whether it be education, religion, politics, or even living to see another day. The only thing that we are truly certain of is that we are…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Patriot Act

    After the dramatic and horrible acts committed on September 11, 2001, the world was in shock. The magnitude of the terrorist attacks were nothing to be overlooked. The United States knew they had to find a way to keep the people calm and in a safe place. Forty-five days after the terrorist attacks on the nation, Congress passed the USA PATRIOT Act, acronym for the “ Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” Act. The acts…

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  • False Names In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

    reasons but one of the oldest reasons was a method used by authors to publish writing. A alternate name someone uses as an author is often called a “pen name”, an alias or a pseudonym. Authors use pen names so they can be published because for many possible reasons they wouldn’t be published under their own names. Many famous authors have used pen names because they wanted to be taken seriously or wanted to protect their name. For some people using an alias was the only way for them to be…

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  • Electoral Parties

    There are many similarities and differences between the two prominent far-right parties in France and the United Kingdom. Immigration reform, Euroscepticism, long-term leadership, and dramatic recent European Parliamentary election success are the most significant ties between the two, and foreign relations, success in local elections, election structure, and historical background being the most significant differences. Who their supporters are and what the parties are pushing link the two as…

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  • Pen Pal's Letter Reflection

    well as have a comprehensive program of instruction that addresses the abilities needed for good writing. Writing is a foundational skill that enhances all areas of education. In observing my pen pal’s letter, it is evident that this is a young writer who enjoys putting her ideas…

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  • Mary And Max Character Analysis

    Throughout the film many different themes are demonstrated. The journey of pen pals Mary and Max evolves quickly from coincidently finding each other to becoming best friends despite living on the other side of the world. As any friendship, Mary and Max go through their ups and downs which makes them stronger individuals. They share their stories and give each other advice. The use of colour and lighting was a key feature in the pen pal film. The film was created with a lot of dark colours. It…

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  • Caroline Mccain: A Short Story

    states. " Alright class, this assignment is going to account for a third of your grade." Mrs. Nephew stated as she stood in front of the class. "Each of you have received an envelope in which will contain an email address and a few details about your pen pal. Names were not given, that is for you to find out." she moved to the black board. "Every so often I will assign a…

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  • St Francis's Acts Of Charity

    Saint Francis performed many acts of charity and service to the people he encountered within his lifetime. His life was based upon serving other. Although in his early life he did not care for the needs of others, as he grew older he saw the importance and worth of every life. Every person that Saint Francis encountered mattered to him. He saw the greatness in all creation as he truly believed that all creation was God’s creation. He lived out his life like Jesus did, in a life of poverty and…

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