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  • Stereotypes Of American Culture

    make my goals will be achieved. I will discuss this issue with other members of the team by seeking possible solutions for this problem. However for now, with a determination to break down cultural barriers, I'm going to continue the idea of the “pen pal” project for students in America and Kazakhstan. The whole idea of this project is to break down the stereotypes and increase understanding of cultural diversity--regardless of different backgrounds. This online communication project connects…

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  • Positives And Negatives Of The Internet

    The internet’s nature allows an individual to be anonymous if they wish. Because of this children are at risk of being contacted by child predators because they never really know who they are talking to. Something as innocent as trying to make a pen pal online could turn out to be an interaction with a child predator. Places such as chat rooms provide the greatest opportunity for exploitation of children. Predators lure children in by talking about topics that are of interest to them. This can…

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  • Commentary On Stasiland By Anna Funder

    Stasiland is the first book of the author Anna Funder. Funder won a prodigious nonfiction writing award for Stasiland. Funder, born in Australia, currently lives in New York. Previously, Anna Funder was an international lawyer. Anna also worked in Berlin for a German communication production service. Anna Funder amalgamated various sources to present a detailed account of the time period she calls “Stasiland.” Funder used personal accounts as sources. She gathered information from face-to-face…

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  • Social Media Synthesis Essay

    How we chose to communicate with others plays a major role in today’s society. With the uproar in technology, we are able to communicate with others at the click of a button. However, texting is not the only way to communicate with our peers. Social networking has been thriving over the years. Many people point out the flaws in social media, but do not realize how it benefits students in a majority of different ways. Our society should encourage students to become familiar with the beneficial…

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  • Purpose Of Communication Essay

    connecting with each other and sharing different experiences. My experience with communication is not as life changing or as deep, but our voices should still be heard. A lamb is lost without its shepherd like a writer without a pen. The pen is our voice and if the pen runs out of ink then we are dead. For we have than run out of breath and have passed on. Only when we die is when our ideas die too. Of course like Steve Job’s legacy our ideas can still be carried. He had an image in his head to…

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  • Martin Ganda Characters

    Martin Ganda. He was really caring towards his family because all his life he tried to be the best son and do good in school so he could make money to support his family. He was also very committed because he promised to always write back to his pen pal, even though she lived far away an it cost him a lot of money to send letters. He also would not give up on going to an American college. And he was smart because he always did really well on his tests and one time he even got the highest score…

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  • How Did Facebook Change Society

    2. How Facebook had changed on society As technologies nowadays are constantly growing and changing rapidly, society has expected to improve along with the new technologies. Social media, such as Facebook is one of the improvements of the new technology. It allows us to interact, share, and exchange information with each other. According to founder Mark Zuckerberg, there are one in seven people on Earth used Facebook, which is more than 1 billion people. (Elgot, 2015) In fact, Facebook had…

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  • This Boy's Life Tobias Wolff Analysis

    “recognized” by his largely absent father, creates a need within Jack to be accepted and loved, adored and respected. One poignant example is captured by the “long letters” he writes “at least once a week, ten twelve, fifteen pages at a time” to his pen pal, despite her being a “terse and irregular correspondent”, in the hope that she would be “in awe of me”. Jack’s image of masculinity…

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  • Adam Rain Man Film Analysis

    Finnley Maier The Autism Spectrum in the films: Adam, Rain Man, Temple Grandin, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and Mary and Max Disorder Description: The autism spectrum explains a range of conditions categorized as neurodevelopmental disorders. The autism spectrum includes not only autism but also disorders ranging from childhood-disintegrated disorder to Asperger’s syndrome. The autism spectrum is characterized by difficulty in communication, social insufficiencies, repetitive…

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  • Pixar Hero Journey Analysis

    Being born with short term memory loss is awful. It causes you to forget who someone is, where you come from, and most of the time you end up repeating yourself. In the animated Pixar movie “Finding Dory”, Dory (the main character) is a blue tang fish that has had short term memory loss all her life. Reluctantly after finding a home with her new friends for about a year, Dory has a dream. In that dream she has a family (a mom and a dad) that lived at the Jewel of Morro Bay. What dory doesn 't…

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