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  • Summary Of Theodore Rasenberger's America 1908

    The growth of technology spurred a new mood for the country. Although spread out and mainly on the East Coast, the result is an “engaging work of popular history”. The year 1908 was filled with radical changes in the technology that changed the way of American life dramatically. The automobile…

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  • David Halberstam Critical Analysis

    Introduction David Halberstam was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a New York Times bestselling author. His works include countless newspaper and magazine articles, and more than twenty books on topics ranging from war and foreign policy to the auto industry and sports. Although he is best known for these nonfiction contributions, Halberstam started his book writing career with a novel. The times in which he wrote were wrought by controversy, and Halberstam’s writings fit the times. A…

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  • Historical Description Of Newspaper From July 20, 1865

    1865: Newspapers such as the New York Times can show later generations of what is important to a society of that time period. By reading the various articles and headlines, there is a good sense of what the world of that time was paying attention to and what was weighing on everyone’s minds. The New York Times on July 20, 1865 examined all issues that could be considered social, political, economic or of high-interest to its readers of the time. The headline for the New York Times on July 20,…

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  • Essay On The Rise Of Urban America

    The United States of America underwent a dramatic change during the late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds. The social landscape went from a localized, small town society, and quickly morphed into a metropolis based nation. Millions of people immigrated from the plains, Southern and Eastern Europe, and any other country one could name into the cities. This epoch of our history is deemed the term “the rise of urban America,” and had great implications on the country. This massive shift of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Weightlifting Competition

    need to get back home to New York City. I took the elevator back down to the lobby and ran into a room full of laptops. I go into the computer lab and look up Lax airport so I can get a plane ticket back home. Looking at all of these outrageous prices for one flight and it's a one way flight. I look at southwest and they were the cheapest out of all of the other airlines. But there's one problem this 10,000 dollars in have in a duffle bag. And I flying back to New York City on sunday night,…

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  • Pen And Odysseus Comparison Essay

    Both stories share the same basic plot line of taking a journey home, while being interrupted numerous times by creatures like giants, witches, and other magical beings. Pen and Odysseus, the main characters of their stories, are also intellectuals, meaning that they are both incredibly knowledgeable. For example, Pen had remembered much of the information she learned from Then…

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  • Personal Narrative: The World Trade Center

    September 9, 2001, was a day filled with despair and misery for all New Yorkers and the rest of the world we lost an iconic landmark, The World Trade Center as well many good people including fire fighters, police officers, and World Trade employees. Today we have a chance to say goodbye again to all of which was lost on 9/11. I remember when I was younger traveling to the city, on the Staten Island Ferry with my farther every weekend ready for a fun filled adventure in Manhattan. I always…

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  • Analysis Of Here Is New York, By E. B. White

    White makes it seem as though the entirety of New York is devoid of emotion and its inhabitants will only work for the sake of money in his Here is New York. He expresses this through the tone in which he describes New Yorkers. However, White betrays this depiction by subtly introducing a human emotion that has the potential to bud and spread through New York and make it feel more like the New York that we are used to. White shows his respect for New York by showing the ability of the city to…

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  • Inwood Hill Park Research Paper

    I turn into this park. The chaotic life of city disturbs my nerves, the idea of going central park is come in my mind and fill my heart with a hope of comfort. The park has a portion that is surrounded by tree that to me feel like I am in world of giant. Inwood Hill Park's marked scenic sites or historic highlights trail will lead you to the top of the hill, where the park’s oldest trees live. That is the best park to go for hiking according to…

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  • The New Urban Crisis Analysis

    and we have our own views of them. But as civilians, we only see the what is attractive to us such as, building, parks, and the attractions of the city, but we never think deeply enough to see the reality. Richard Florida, the author of the book The New Urban Crisis, is a researcher and expert in cities. He identifies inequality, segregation, and high costs of living as challenges confronting today’s cities. Florida applies the sociological imagination to break down these factors. His purpose…

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