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  • Rainbow Bridge Essay

    The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo The rainbow Bridge in Tokyo is a wonderful one to visit. It has great architectural value people from many country visit this bridge every year. They get great interest by visiting the bridge . The rainbow bridge has three transportation way on two decks. They are upper deck and lower deck. Once the bridge was tolled but now it is untolled . There are two separate walk ways of the bridge. One is on the north & another is on the south side of lower deck. From the…

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  • Safe Space Assignment

    When we hear the name Safe Space, we often think of a place where anyone can relax and being comfortable in expressing themselves. A place without fear of being discriminated against as a result of your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, cultural background, religious affiliation, age, or etc.. That’s the type of place my field placement agency is. Safe Space NYC Inc. is an organization that offers a safe and caring environment for youth. This paper will analysis Safe Space NYC Inc. in…

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  • Dominican Republic: A Short Story

    saw that said uptown. I thought that every uptown train was the same, so I ended up in Yonkers. The mere fact that I don’t have my parents close to me still makes me unhappy. They were always on my side in every moment of my life. Before coming to New York, I thought my parents were overprotective. I wanted them to back off. But now, I miss them. I miss them saying good morning to me, I miss my dad and mom’s jokes, and I simply miss their presence. I was starting to feel desperate and lonely. I…

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  • Analysis Of West Egg And New Money In The Great Gatsby

    Great Gatsby” takes place in New York City on Long Island; in the two places was called East Egg and West Egg in the early 1920’s in the Jazz era. West Egg is a fictional place where Gatsby’s mansion and Nick’s small house is at and Daisy and Tom lives in a mansion in East Egg which is also a fictional place. West Egg has a description called new money. Gatsby tries to be all flashy and impressive with his money, which is very irresponsible and unwise (“Old Money V. New Money”). According to…

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  • Film Analysis: The City That Never Sleeps

    New York City is the place where everything and anything can be found. It is widely known for its constant movement, holding true to its nickname as “The City that Never Sleeps”. Famous for its remarkable landmarks, endless history, iconic museums, and diverse culture it is not a secret why it has become an ideal location for films and sitcoms to set in. Some of these medias truly capture what it means to live in New York City, while others do not. However, the majority of the popular culture…

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  • Symbols In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Symbols Picture being in a relationship and being fought over by two people. In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald readers can then picture the image. Going on, the book’s setting was in New York in the 1920’s. Throughout this book Gatsby revolves his life around a special someone for five years and does anything to see her to get her back into his life. While all this is going on Daisy (the special someone) and Gatsby have to make a lot of decisions and even passed many difficult…

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  • How To Write An Essay About Thanksgiving Day

    During the holidays New York City is one of the most breathtaking places to visit. There is something for everyone to see and experience. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve the city is charged with the bustle and excitement of the holiday season. The festivities extend from Rockefeller center to Manhattan to New Jersey. Which means a lot of traffic, dreary taxi rides, crowded subway cars, or a sea of tourists and locals walking briskly to reach their destination. Must – See Events The Macy’s…

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  • The Effect Of Expectations Chapter 1 Analysis

    sports rivalry between his favored Philadelphia Eagles and his roommates’ team, the New York City Giants. He explained how at the end of the game the Eagles player made an amazing catch inside the endzone but the two friends started arguing. The Giants fan said that the receiver caught the ball out of bounds and that he could not believe that the referee did not see it. Because of his loyalty to his favorite team, the Giants fan anticipated that his team would win. This ultimately influenced…

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  • The Globalization Of The Erie Canal

    roads were not the network it is today) which ruptured the boundaries of western and eastern (northeastern) New York and encouraged inward and outward flow (migration) of people, animals, goods, money, trade,…

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  • O Keeeffe Visual Analysis

    views has captured artists attention and been the focal point of thousands of art pieces. However, the way an artist portrays their interpretation of the city often varies. At first glance, Fernand Léger’s 1919 The City and Georgia O’Keeffe’s 1925 New York Street With Moon appear to be extremely different photos— the color schemes, spacing, and amount of detail to objects and movement for each photo are distinct opposites. However, when placed side by side, the paintings shockingly present a…

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