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  • New York Trip

    finally decided to visit New York for the first time after wanting to go. I would be taking me to a new city that I have never visited before I was feeling excited about going to New York. One the night before I left for New York, I pack and unpack my bag several times going to my clothes several times thinking that I am packing pack too much clothes and which clothes I need to pack for the weather that is expected in New York while I am there. The night before I left to New York I could not…

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  • Paragraph About Subway

    is an underground railroad that is used by many New Yorkers. The subway is one of the most important modes of transportation in New York City. Every day is a different day in the subways. The subway has 27 different lines, and these different lines are A, C, E, B, D, F, M, G, L, J, Z, N, Q, R, W, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and S. The subway was created in 1904, and ever since, the subway has been one of the fastest and cheapest transportation in New York City to get around. • The subways have always…

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  • Importance Of Civil Engineering

    Have you ever wondered how the colossal New York skyscrapers and bridges are built? Every tourist who has visited New York is astounded by the beauty of the city, however, I see NY with a different vision. Even though I spent my infancy in the relatively small and ancient city of Cusco, with just a few impressive and interesting constructions, due to my father’s profession in civil engineering, I was always connected to the construction world. Since I was a child, I have asked myself many…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Leap Towards Heaven

    Heaven I lay my head back and try to mentally prepare myself. Tomorrow was the big day. I was moving up to be the manager of Windows of the World, the greatest restaurants in New York. This was my biggest accomplishment since I moved to New York, alongside being named Youth Pastor of the nearby church. I have lived in New York for 3 years with my wife, Sara, and our two children, a five-year-old named Matthew and eight-year-old Hannah. I love them very much and would do anything for them. Sara…

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  • Analysis Of American Psycho By Bret Easton Ellis

    American Psycho was published in 1991 by Bret Easton Ellis. Ellis completely captured the life in New York during the 80s. He used specific details to capture the essence of the 80s with the partying, clothes, and gadgets used in everyday life. American Psycho is about Patrick Bateman, a businessman who lives in New York City. Bateman enjoys - like others - eating at fancy restaurants, wearing the fanciest clothes, and going out with women and his coworkers; however, unlike others in this time…

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  • Essay About Central Park

    borough of New York, visitors will discover a storied and idyllic green space known as Central Park. This highly famed attraction was first built in 1857, and originally only encompassed 778 acres. After a time, the popularity of the park forced an expansion to the current 843 acres that it now holds. As a celebrated collaboration between the architect Calvert Vaux and landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted, Central Park is the most visited urban public park in all of the United States. New…

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  • Essay On Jewish In Colonial America

    many sought refuge in the Netherlands. Other Jews crossed the ocean to settle in the Dutch colony in Brazil. In 1654, Portugal recaptured this colony and the Jews scattered throughout the Caribbean starting new communities. The first group of 23 Dutch Jews landed in New Amsterdam (New York) in 1654. This was the beginning of Jewish life in America. Prior to this arrival a Sephardic Jew arrived at James City, Virginia on the HMS Abigail in 1621, and the second arrival lived in Boston in 1649. The…

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  • Summary Of Theodore Rasenberger's America 1908

    The growth of technology spurred a new mood for the country. Although spread out and mainly on the East Coast, the result is an “engaging work of popular history”. The year 1908 was filled with radical changes in the technology that changed the way of American life dramatically. The automobile…

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  • David Halberstam Critical Analysis

    Introduction David Halberstam was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a New York Times bestselling author. His works include countless newspaper and magazine articles, and more than twenty books on topics ranging from war and foreign policy to the auto industry and sports. Although he is best known for these nonfiction contributions, Halberstam started his book writing career with a novel. The times in which he wrote were wrought by controversy, and Halberstam’s writings fit the times. A…

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  • Historical Description Of Newspaper From July 20, 1865

    1865: Newspapers such as the New York Times can show later generations of what is important to a society of that time period. By reading the various articles and headlines, there is a good sense of what the world of that time was paying attention to and what was weighing on everyone’s minds. The New York Times on July 20, 1865 examined all issues that could be considered social, political, economic or of high-interest to its readers of the time. The headline for the New York Times on July 20,…

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