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  • Growing Up In Washington Heights And New York City

    neighborhood is, compared to what it use to be, is completely different from mine. My parents were growing up around the 1980’s in, and New York City experienced 1,814, homicides during the year of 1980. This is three times what we are experiencing today. Drugs like crack and cocaine blew up in 1984, and cocaine was available in cities all across New York, especially in Upper Manhattan also known as Washington Heights. Upper Manhattan is mostly populated by Dominican people;…

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  • Smart Growth In New York City

    Well Millennials achieve a lot living in the city. The cities infrastructure brings a lot of befits to someone whom is trying to find them self. The population is so high you can find anything to keep you motivated and striving to be a better you. But there are three main reasons I recommend the city to anybody and that’s for the helping hand, people and conveniences. First, in the city everything is in walking distance. What makes everything in the cities so convenient is the attempt at smart…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To New York City

    It was the middle of November, my family and I took a road trip to New York City. As we arrived to the city, we had to wait a few minutes to cross the George Washington Bridge because there was a lot of traffic. After waiting for a while we drove across the bridge and as we made our way across I saw a lot of skyscrapers, including the New World Trade Center and the Empire State Building. We arrived to a place where we had to wait for more than an hour to get on a ferry boat that would take us…

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  • Fidelis Ad Mortem: The New York City Police Department

    Carlson Brebnor Policing Society Local Police Dept. NYPD The New York Police Department is the largest municipal police force in the United States. The primary responsibilities of the police force is to enforce the law and investigate crimes in the five boroughs. The New York Police Department is one of the oldest departments in the United States. There are approximately 34,500 uniformed police officers working within 76 precincts, 12 Transit Districts and 9 Housing Police Service Areas.…

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  • Personal Essay: My First Experiences In New York City

    I used to believe that your first time in New York City was the perfect opportunity to be whomever you want, eat whatever you want, and see whatever you want. I imagined my first experiences in the city that never sleeps to be something Carrie Bradshaw would write about and Serena Van Der Woodsen would be proud of. I pictured myself hailing taxis by doing that cool whistling thing with my fingers and eating at restaurants with only the finest of cuisines. I dreamed about strutting down Madison…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To New York City

    During the end of my senior year in High School, an opportunity arose to travel to New York City, with my friend Zach. My school’s basketball team was participating in a National tournament at Yeshiva University, where my friend Zach’s brother had an apartment nearby in Washington Heights. Hearing about the safety issues in the Heights, my parents didn’t want me roaming around the city without any adult supervision. With the backing of my Uncle Richard, who live in the Upper East Side, I began…

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  • Bernie Goetz And The Rise And Fall Of New York City Crime Analysis

    of an individual or the environment. Regardless, that change can affect an individual through his or her actions and behaviors. In his “The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime,” Malcolm Gladwell presents a theory to help explain the time period when New York City was crime ridden, and also explains human behavior in his analysis. Gladwell argues that the physical environment of an individual plays a significant role in an individual’s behaviors and actions…

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  • Narrative Essay: New York City Vs. Las Vegas

    something so new that I wasn’t accustomed to. I was more worried about college than the roaring of the storm outside my window. “Take this,” my grandmother whispered, interrupting my thoughts. She passed me a handheld candle. “Thank you,” I whispered back, taking the candle and holding it up to the foggy window. It was difficult to comprehend how a week ago I was in the United States in the middle of a beautiful, sunny summer with my friends. Now, I was in…

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  • New York City Description

    too long ago, during the first week of the 2017 summer vacation, I found myself in a faraway place, a charming place that was Amsterdam, Netherlands. Specifically Vondelpark near the old part of the city. The park was a wonderful grassy haven surrounded by the sights and sounds of a bustling, lively city. The sky was cloudless, the air was warm and relaxing. The entire park quietly screamed at me to lay down and stay awhile. All the while I could hear the friendly conversations of all those…

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  • Essay On New York City Smog

    Shortly after World War II, thick clouds of smog hovered above major cities around the United States. American’s were becoming very ill and dying from health related issues from pollution inhalation. Rivers and lakes were littered with garbage and were too contaminated to enjoy. The misuse of pesticides was occurring around the nation, killing everything in its path, literally. Over three million gallons of crude oil spewed into the ocean at a rate of one thousand gallons, an hour, for a month.…

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