My Big Trip To New York City

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Splash! I jumped into each puddle making a new sound with every step. It was raining that achingly long day and instead of being with my friends on a saturday night, I had to deliver 103 pizzas around my home town. Instead of having fun hanging out with my friends I was lugging around heavy pizzas. Just so instead of going on my first big trip to New York City by myself, I get to go with my father. My boring, crabby, old father. Instead of having fun and laughing with my friends, I have to watch what I say, and mind my manners because my father is watching every step I take.
The seats were ripped, rock hard, and extremely uncomfortable. The thirteen hour ride in those seats to New Jersey was unbearable. Our schedule was laid out strictly
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I had never seen a park so big, it was 843 acres. A large circle set in the ground with word Imagine caught our attention. We stood in our obnoxiously large group taking pictures, but when it came to be my turn to take a picture the group almost left me behind. I did not get my picture. We saw different kinds of plants and flowers, we even saw a young girl walking on a tightrope. The walk to the ferry dock was long and painful. By the time we reached the dock my back was sore and my feet ached, but the view of the water was gorgeous. We were to board the old, weather worn ferries and begin the journey to Staton, and Ellis Island. The ride was rough, but I got some beautiful pictures. I took so many pictures, I took pictures of my dad with The Statue of Liberty in the background, the sky, the birds, and even the water. Most of our day was spent walking around the islands aimlessly until it was time for us to leave. They are very interesting and gorgeous islands, but no teenager wants to be there for more than 2 hours. When it was finally time for us to leave we were missing some of our group, of course. The tour guide stood there lost and confused, so my dad and I took …show more content…
Grand Central Station was our first scheduled stop. The gorgeous, shiny whisper walls held our attention for hours, and the way our whispers traveled across the room amazed even the smartest of us. For dinner we wanted Shake Shack, we had heard about it from every source we had and it sounded delicious. A line a mile long stopped us from getting our food there, instead my father and I found a small sub shop. We got huge steak subs and a large bag of fries. As we sat and gobbled down our food, we watched a homeless man scoot closer and closer to a sleeping business man. I must have had a questioning look on my face because my dad told me you see that homeless man is very smart and clever, but he has so little and the businessman has so much. He is clever because every time he lays down and gets up, he gets closer to the sleeping man. We continued watching this happen until my dad decided he better wake up the poor man, and just as he got up the old man’s head shot up. The homeless man backed up and we continued with our meal. After we finished the large amount of food that we had, we went shopping in the small stores in and around the station. A couple of hours later we had to leave Grand Central Station and were brought to Time Square. We were told to shop as long as we come back at a certain time. My feet were throbbing and my back burned so after three hours of shopping, we found a small pizza shop and

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