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  • New York City Police Force Analysis

    force in 1838, following a century of police “watches” that consisted merely on a volunteer workforce. The city of Boston Massachusetts became the first State to modernize policing, and was shortly followed by New York City in 1845, and Albany, and Chicago in 1851. By the 1880s all major U.S. cities had municipal police forces in place (Potter, 2013). Compared to the “town watch” the new police Force consisted of four unique qualities; first, was public support & bureaucratic in nature,…

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  • New York City Nicole Tortoriello Analysis

    Why students go to school. Is it because they are forced? Are they looking for a better future? Or are they just looking for acceptance? Many people follow their own unique path. In New York City Nicole Tortoriello looks at the statistics of the life of a minority. Tortoriello goes more into detail when specifically hitting on the difference of treatment when it comes to school. Tortoriello hits on the idea that not all people are given equal rights or benefits especially if you’re a minority.…

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  • New York City School Graduation Analysis

    It is especially important to note that many schools in Harlem offer no pre-college, Advanced Placement or College Readiness classes. The Graduation rate of New York City Schools is about 67% for four years graduation in June ( That is an alarming number considering that number includes students from affluent areas of New York and when broken down into boroughs the Bronx and Brooklyn graduate less than 50%. These numbers are due to a variety of factors but one such issue is the lack of…

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  • New York City Migration Case Study

    Over the past eight years, New York City economy has been experiencing steady growth. According to [ U.S. Metro Economics], in 2012 The New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area generated a gross metropolitan product of over US $1.33 trillion, while the combined Statistical Area produce a GMP of over US $ 1.55 trillion, both ranking first nationally by a wide margin and behind the GDP of only twelve nationand eleven nation, respectively. The city’s economy accounts for most of the economic…

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  • New York City Draft Riots Essay

    The New York City draft riots were violent disturbances in New York City during 1863 that resulted in not only African American death, but extreme social tension. The animosity was a result of the new laws passed by Congress that year to draft men to fight in the ongoing American Civil War. Spanning three days, July 13th through the 16th, 1863, the riots were the culmination of the longstanding working class and largely Irish racial, political and religious resentment of the government. Working…

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  • Water Pollution In New York City Essay

    In past decades, New York City has had various issues which have had a major impact concerning health and wellness. There are a lot of specific environmental issues that are putting a major negative effect on NYC environmental factors. One issue that sparked my interest specifically is water pollution. The human body is 3 quarts of water. Water is essential to sustain life on all levels. New York City is covered with nearly 1,850 miles of shoreline, thousands of lakes, rivers, and others…

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  • Summer Solstice New York City Analysis

    all the situations we face in life, knowing that tomorrow is guaranteed is something that no person is for sure of. The poem, “Summer Solstice, New York City” by Sharon Olds is a perfect example of the uncertainties in life. This short poem deals with an immensely suicidal man meeting death's face to face at the edge of a building’s roof in New York City while he is surrounded by policemen. At first, this poem seems to be primarily about a depressed man being talked out of suicide by the…

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  • Cultural Shock Of Culture In New York City

    have been through, unless the anxiety I felt when my husband and I drove through New York City this past March would be consider culture shock. I do not feel this was, since I knew what to expect from how they drive, I just don’t like it. Cutting people off and switching lanes with out more area to maneuver makes me anxious and I don’t feel in control. That is why my husband is the one that drives once we leave the New England Area. I grew up in Castine I was exposed to many religions and…

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  • New York City Rent Control Case Study

    1. What do you think New York City officials hoped would happen when they first imposed rent controls? New York City officials hoped that by conducing the first imposed rent controls in order to prevent higher rent on housing. New York City began rent control after World War 1. The reason for this rent control was to keep rents from rising from the equilibrium levels since the quantity demanded at the ceiling at that time, exceeded the quantity supplied. 2. Why did real estate developers…

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  • Importance Of Urban Anthropology

    Long before European settlers took hold of New York City, the Lenape tribe were natives to this land. “Around 11, 000 years before the first Europeans sailed through the Narrows, the Lenape people foraged, hunted and fished the regional bounty”¹. In the early 1500’s a man named Giovanni da Verrazano was the first European explorer to ever land on New York’s soil. In the ear of 1609, a man named Henry Hudson discovered and created the first settlement while sailing up and down the Atlantic coast…

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