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  • Gossip Girl Poem Analysis

    New York City has a culture that many cannot resist. Whether the city’s used in entertainment and the media, or just talked about, many people are fascinated with the New York lifestyle, culture and diversity. In a poem for The New York, Terrance Hayes shows the diversity on a single roof-top bar in Chinatown. He writes about the different types of people around him and the possibilities. His emphasize on this idea is clear when he writes “On a Chinatown rooftop in New York anything can happen”…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Childhood In New York City

    My childhood in New York City was very difficult for me. I grow up in a predominantly Hispanic Dominican decent neighborhood in the upper Manhattan area called Washington Heights. Washington Heights in the early 1990’s was the heart of the drug trade. At one point in the 1990’s it was considered one of the worst neighborhoods to raise a child. I remember in the news, the news anchor reported that New York City was recognized as the crime capital in the 1950's through the early 1990's. I…

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  • Essay On Tandon School Of Engineering

    The New York University Tandon School of Engineering, is the second most seasoned private designing and innovation school in the United States. The school goes back to 1854 when its forerunner establishments, the University of the City of New York School of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute, were established. The school's fundamental grounds is in Brooklyn's MetroTech Center, a urban scholarly mechanical exploration park. History On May…

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  • Culture In The Great Gatsby

    Some people may oppose the fact that new money is better than old money. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's book "The great Gatsby" the author compares all characters of new money and old money in New York and Long Island. Not only did Fitzgerald compare the money she compared the culture.The culture during the 1920s in New York was formal opposed to Long Island where the culture was extravagant. To begin with, In Fitzgerald 's novel the main character, Nick Carraway, is living on the west egg of…

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  • The High Line Essay

    pathway built on a portion of the former New York Central Railroad. It is located on the west side of Manhattan and extends for approximately a mile and a half long. The interesting part of the transformation of the rail line to a public walking path is that several New York citizens were the primary advocates for the drastic change. However, the arising question is why a park was chosen to replace the railroad. The transformation suggests that New York City citizens were conscious of the…

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  • What Makes People Poor Research Paper

    makes people poor? What are the causes of people becoming poor? (Thomas B Edsall) Dr. E saw poverty as a technical problem, not a moral one or political pressures, to get an explanation where poverty start. “ We should consider the ramification of new research that provides insight into urban social disorder, worklessness, the rising salience of education and the shortcoming of government policy.” The scope of this research on unemployments to look at the consequences for men who group up in…

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  • Indian Ocean Trade Case Study

    Some of the earliest known evidence of sailing comes from what is today known as the Middle East. The Mesopotamians were no strangers to the movement of goods across great land distances, but they also developed great port cities. Ur was one of the Mesopotamian cities that not only grew, but thrived, at its strategic location where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers enter the Persian Gulf. Located in such a prime location, Ur became a massive epicenter for commerce in the ancient times and was…

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  • Eat A Bowl Of Tea Analysis

    Marital Strife in Eat a Bowl of Tea and Falling Man Though separated by different time periods, areas of New York, and even cultures, the novels Eat a Bowl of Tea by Louis Chu and Falling Man by Don DeLillo are similar in their depiction of the marital crisis. In the novel Eat a Bowl of Tea, the main character Ben Loy lives in Chinatown in the 1940s with his wife, who is having an affair with his cousin. In the novel Falling Man, the main character Keith lives in lower Manhattan in 2001 (post-…

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  • How Did Theodore Roosevelt Deal With Crime And Corruption

    immortalized his legacy, but to understand it, we need to understand where it came from. Before he was president, Theodore Roosevelt gained firsthand experiences with crime and corruption as the police commissioner of New York City. Lasting only two years in the job, cleaning up New York's crime proved to be one of the only challenges too tough for even Theodore Roosevelt. Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt null Background First, we need to appreciate the world in which Theodore Roosevelt was…

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  • Broken Windows Policing

    policing has been used in New York City from the 1990’s until present time. Broken windows theory was first described by George Kelling and James Wilson in an Atlantic Monthly article published in 1982. The success of dropping major crime rate in New York City was due to external factors not controlled under the policing method. The premature legitimization given to James Wilson and George Kelling, paved the way for the racist “ stop and frisk” procedure to occur in New York City. The broken…

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