Essay On Stalin's Visit To New York City

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Once upon a time on a sunny day of October 16th Stalin and his younger brother decided to go to one of the most awesome museums known by them. These brothers had a passion for bikes so got out their house around nine in the morning and rode all the way up to Newark Penn Station. Then they took the Path, mentioned way of mobilization would take them up to 33th St but the unexpected happened. Due to maintenance problems the only Path going to New York City was going up to World Trade Center. They seemed demotivated and almost went back home but Stalin remembered some words that his History professor told him couple days before; “going to the Met will be awesome”. Stalin and Jose took their chances and went to WTC after that they rode in their bikes around the busy streets of New York for about forty minutes until they got to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Once they arrived to the Met they contemplated and amazing piece of architecture and art. Details such as Corinthian columns, and roman-like arches at the doors were impressive. After buying their tickets they started to wonder around, they were lost. About fifteen minutes later they started to pay attention to the numbers in almost every room; this helped them to know where they were. The first section that cough their attention on
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They walked through every single room with Egyptian Art. They got to The Temple of Dendur in the Sackler wing. Once there the awesomeness of the pillars, the statues, sarcophagus and pictures that surrounded the Temple were extraordinarily awesome, this day was totally out of Stalin’s normal routine. They enter to the temple and after a couple hours have passed since they first stepped into the museum they were starving. They cough a break right in front of the Temple of

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