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  • Burj Khalifa Case Study Model

    Burj Kalifa, Dubai-Case Study Card Introduction The Burj Dubai Tower is the world’s tallest structure, having a final height of more than 838 metres, exceeding the 160 stories. According to its structural system and its dimensions and features, the structure holds various worldwide records. Is the tallest free-standing structure in the world with the highest number of stories, which most of them are occupied, disposing the longest travel distance lift with its respective tallest services in the…

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  • Symbols In Catcher In The Rye

    by J.D. Salinger, the book describes a young man,; Holden Caulfield.; After getting kicked out of pencey Holden has a fight with his roommate in which he is influenced into leaving the school two days early, he decides to spend those two days in New York before going back home meeting up with teachers, prostitutes, and his sister too. The book shows how a teen faces challenges of life. The author of the book, J.D Salinger, uses symbols such as, the F-uck you writing on the wall and the carrousel…

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  • Dubai Metro Challenges

    of being the first to sit down when someone gets up to leave. Sometimes I have to stand the whole journey and I’m very tired when I get to work. Other challenge that sometimes you can miss the metro. 2- Will you be happy if metro starts in Fujairah city? Yes, it would be convenient to travel in distant locations, because it’s safe and comfortable ride. Also it helps the environment from getting pollution, and from preventing traffic in the street. 3- What is the usual time when you use Dubai…

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  • Music Analysis: 'I Get A Kick Out Of You'

    Written Assignment #1 During the 1920’s and 1930’s Broadway musicals became incredibly popular amongst the American people. Although a number of these musicals were not known historically, numerous songs produced were later made memorable by famous singers. For example, the song “I Get a Kick Out of You,” was written by songwriter Cole Porter in 1931. It wasn’t till 1938 that the song became memorable by the Broadway musical Anything Goes performed by Ethel Merman (Sewell, Lesson 6).…

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  • Multicultural Themes In Anita Desai's Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard

    After undergoing, a painful seven years of apprenticeship, living in Brookyln, she often visited her mother Anita Desai in New York or travelled with her. Her debut novel Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard is no less ingenious in its treatment of identity and subjectivity. It is based on myth-making and mythical systems. Kiran Desai's literary creations are endowed with multicultural themes in which hopes and aspirations of both men and women in a globalised society are presented to…

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  • What Is The Mood Of The Poem 'London'?

    In the poem “London,” speaker says that he wanders through the streets of the London, streets which are chartered, and the city lies near the Thames, the name of the river which is also chartered, while wandering through the streets the speaker finds the faces, which refers to the citizens and finds marks of woe and weakness on them. In the streets of the London, he hears the voices of every type of citizen, be it men, women, old age people or the infants. But everyone seems to be caught in the…

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  • Film Collateral Analysis

    Collateral: Crime and Fear in Los Angeles The city of Los Angeles is a bustling and attractive home to millions of people who walk and drive amongst each other hundreds of times each day, sometimes sharing a meal or a seat on the bus. The atmosphere of the streets and cafés of may invoke feelings of comfort and happiness, especially when spending time with friends and strangers alike. However, there is a more sinister and hollowed part of the city which director Michael Mann depicts in his 2004…

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  • Informative Speech: How To Make Sopapilla Cheesecake

    I. Attention-getter: “Imagine this, you and your friend are walking down the brick streets of downtown Nacogdoches in the spring. A slight breeze comes through, and you smell a hint of Mexican culture. You take a deep breath in and begin to follow your nose, which leads you to a small local restaurant. You walk in and are submerged in different scents. You and your friend decide to take a seat and sit for a spell. As your eyes graze over the menu, you munch on some chips and salsa. You order…

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  • Paragraph On Street Trip

    than 59 spans, 46 of which have one and only path. This delightful street excursion is a critical adventure that winds through a rich, tropical downpour timberland that is bound with tumbling waterfalls, dark sand shorelines, beautiful magma bluffs, new natural product stands, and tropical slopes. Jessica and I ceased no less than ten times including one stop to outing on that dark sand shoreline. We took photographs by waterfalls, delectable organic product stands and excellent tropical bloom…

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  • Liberty Of Ellis Island: The Statue Of Liberty

    Isabella NazarioLA-2nd2/14/18 Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty stands in the New York Harbor and has greeted a lot of immigrants into Ellis Island. At the time, Lady Liberty was letting them know that their journey to find democracy, freedom, and a better way of life, was finally over. The Statue of Liberty stands on Ellis Island as a symbol of freedom. Liberty Enlightening the World" (the full name of the statue) was a gift from France to the United States in 1886. It…

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