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  • Assignment 3: Epidemiology Essay

    e Three - Research and draft 1 Question 1 1.1) Give a possible diagnose and name the etiological agent involved. Schistosomiasis caused by Schistosoma haematobium. 1.2) Name the intermediate and definite host of this particular parasites mentioned in 1.1 Intermediate host - Freshwater snails Definite host - Humans, primates (Tierney et al., 2007) 1.3) Discuss the life cycle of this parasite mentioned in 1.1. According to Weerakoon et al.(2015), the schistosome parasite has a life cycle…

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  • Essay On Normal Flora

    Normal flora is the colonisation of human tissues by a diverse mixture of microorganisms. This colonisation begins at birth with pioneer species, depending on physiochemical factors. The normal flora inhibits the skin, oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital and conjunctival membranes. They are commensal bacteria; getting shelter and nourishment from the host without causing harm (Gould, 2012). To a healthy individual, most normal flora is harmless, however some…

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  • Gram + Cocci Lab Report

    Gram + Cocci To identify the Gram + cocci I first performed a catalyst test which produced oxygen bubbles and indicated a positive catalase result. The next test I preformed was a mannitol salt test using a mannitol-salt agar plate and the results showed positive fermentation turning the plate yellow and also positive growth. This led me to conclusion that my unknown Gram + cocci was Staphylococcus aureus. Gram – Rod To identify the unknown Gram – rod I first performed a H2S production test…

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  • Candida Overproduction Research Paper

    Symptoms of Candida Overproduction and Treatment The fungus Candida is a form of yeast found in your intestine and mouth in small amounts. The function of this fungus is to help the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients. However, overgrowth of Candida causes the fungus to enter the blood by breaking down the intestine wall. It releases toxic byproducts causing digestive issues, leaky gut and depression. How does Candida overgrowth happen? The bacterium in the gut that is not…

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  • Amylase Lab Report

    Assessment of enzyme producing efficiencies of endophytic fungi Extracellular enzymes assay was conducted to investigate the production of enzymes by the endophytic fungi Amylase activity Amylase enzyme was assessed by growing the fungi on glucose yeast extract peptone (GYP) agar medium (glucose- 1g, yeast extract- 0.1g, agar- 15 g, distilled water 1000mL and pH 6) containing 1 % soluble starch after 5 days incubation , the plates with fungal colony were flooded with 1% iodine and 2% potassium…

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  • Bulb Biology Lab

    In this lab, we took four separate onion bulbs, labeled them A,B,C, and D, and put them in a beaker filled with water. We recorded the growth in number of roots and their average length for days one, two, and five. Then we put Bulbs B, C, and D in beakers with different amounts of caffeine and left Bulb A in water. We then recorded the number of roots and their average length on days two, three, and four. After that, we took and onion root form Bulbs A, B, C, and D, stained them, and looked for…

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  • Triclosan Essay

    The abuse of Triclosan, a biocide, also helps to contribute to antibiotic resistance in bacteria through cross resistance development. Triclosan is used in practically every consumer product, ranging from hand soap to plastics and even clothing. Triclosan is incorporated into a variety of products due to its high boiling point of 280 Celsius (Giuliano and Rybak 328). Triclosan is currently classified as an over the counter medication by the Federal Drug and Alcohol administration. This allows…

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  • Summary Of Botulinum Toxin As A Biological Weapon

    Arnon, S. S., R. Schechter, T. V. Inglesby, D. A. Henderson, J. G. Bartlett, M. S. Ascher, E. Eit-zen, A. D. Fine, J. Hauer, M. Layton, S. Lillibridge, M. T. Osterholm, T. O. Toole, G. Parker, T. M. Perl, P. K. Russell, D. L. Swerdlow and K. Tonat (2001). Botulinum toxin as a biological weapon: medical and public health management. The Journal of the American Medical Association285: 1059-1070. Bhambhani, A. and C. V. Kumar (2006). Protein/DNA/inorganic materials: DNA binding to layered…

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  • Zone Of Inhibition Experiment Essay

    The End Zone: Measuring Antimicrobial Effectiveness with Zones of Inhibition Introduction: A Kirby-Bauer test is a microbiological method used as a form of testing bacterial resistance, it’s also known as a Zone of Inhibition test (1). The way in which the Zone of Inhibition was determined in this experiment was by measuring the diameter of the resisted zone in 3 areas and taking an average. As numerical data was required for this it means that in this experiment the Zone of Inhibition Test was…

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  • Bacteria And Fungi Lab Report

    Introduction: Bacteria and Fungi are important contributors of the living life. They however differ in their colony/ color/ size/shape/appearance. Bacteria are generally small in size but large in colonial structure, they are usually in the form of coccus, bacillus and spirillum, many times bacteria are of vivid colors because they have chlorophyll which also absorbs the light of different wavelengths which create natural colors of brown, pink, blue, orange and purple. Fungi on the other…

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