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  • Hydrogels Essay

    also allow for greater control in drug release from a hydrogel. This is because degradation of a hydrogel can often occur at a steady rate allowing for an even amount of drug to be released over time as the gel breaks up. This is a very advantageous method of release compared to simple diffusion in which the rate of release from the gel will change as the concentration of the drug in the gel changes. A problem that has plagued research in hydrogels for drug release is the inability to measure degradation and drug release characteristics at the same time. The topic of the proposed thesis shall be the development of an experimental method using a microfluidic device capable of allowing simultaneous quantification of hydrogel erosion and drug release. The project will consist of two major components: the development of the microfluidic method and the collection and analysis of data to verify its potential. Methods Previous Research The basis for this project relies on the experimental work performed in the Master’s Thesis of Anne Ellenberger.4 These devices she created have dimensions of 3 in. by 1 in. and consist of two glass plates connected together via an optical adhesive which was cured under ultraviolet light to create a frame. The devices are filled with the hydrogel precursor and cured into place to be tested with a channel created within the hydrogel. In Ellenberger’s thesis, a buffered solution darkened using brilliant black dye was passed through the channel and…

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  • Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

    MATLAB simulation: a healthy unobstructed model and one in which hypertension caused a defect in the parameters used in the mathematical model to simulate the portrayed effects on a vessel. As well as to demonstrate how a vasodilator aided in the altered parameters. I have taken a graduate course in Chemical Kinetics/Reactor Design, in which the professor encouraged the class to construct mathematical models for catalytic reactors and bioreactors for cell growth, and then compute the necessary…

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  • Politics And Organizational Underdevelopment In Chile Case Study

    adapt ink-jet printing technology to build ready-to-use products, complete with working circuitry, switches and movable parts.” . Memory drugs: These drugs aim to help people with Alzheimer’s and boost healthy people’s memories by enhancing the brain’s neurial connections and functions. . Perpendicular magnetic storage: Today’s hard drives store bits of data horizontally, like stalks of freshly cut corn. PMR stores them vertically, like cornstalks standing in a field. With perpendicular…

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  • Animal Testing Is An Ethical Form Of Science

    more human like experience, that way, it can be authorized to run straight from in-vitro testing to human trials. But for that to happen, the drug, or other tests, must be able to predict what will happen to the people in clinical trials, so it can be ethical for humans as well. Stemming from the in-vitro method, microfluidic chip testing acts in similar ways, it is a noninvasive form of testing. It contains tissues from different parts of the body, then the chip mimics blood flow process…

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  • Scalable Coagulation Sensor 20.1 Advantages And Objectives Of Flowmap

    FlowMAP is a microfluidic platform developed to measure the overall hemostatic phenotype of an individual, coagulation profile. It is willing to replace the current tests of thrombogenecity, that are focused on isolated components of clotting and under standardized conditions. These individual’s hemostatic profiles under certain conditions and particular drugs will lead to a better understanding of bleeding risk ad clinical clotting prediction. Unlike other complex bench-top tests, it can…

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  • Ineffectiveness Of Animal Testing

    These include in vitro testing and microfluidic chip testing. In vitro testing involves taking cells from humans and animals and then inserting the drug to the cells to see how they react. This is effective in seeing how cell 's react yet does not replace "whole body testing"(Alternative to Animals). Another alternative to animal testing is microfluidic chip testing, which includes tissue samples and a substitute for blood to try to mimic the processes of the body while testing out a new drug.…

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  • Why Is Animal Testing Wrong

    to be born with severe deformities”. (Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Testing? 5) When comes to knowing what conditions animals used in testing endure these can range from animals experiencing lethal doses of chemicals, any kind of damage to an animal’s skin to watch the healing process, and keeping nocturnal animals in bright light for 24 hours a day. As years go by, alternative testing methods are starting to become more and more numerous which would allow animal testing to become more…

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  • Alternatives To Animal Testing

    stimulate even animal`s brain. For instance, the fastest supercomputer in the world could not represent even a half of a mouse’s brain (Speaking of Research, 2008). Moreover, computer modulations are not able to show real, physical structures of the brain, which are necessary when testing on animals (BBC News, 2007). Test tubes, in turn, do not have any organs, blood, brain, nervous system and they cannot feel pain. Therefore, the alternative methods cannot be considered adequate and thus it is…

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  • The Positive Effects Of Testing On Animals

    Shocking 4.11Million, HSI Calls on Government to Increase Spend on Non-Animal Replacement Techniques, 2013). Furlong states that it is very hard to create something that relates with what the scientists are trying to test in the human. Although Furlong’s statement is true, there are other methods that can replace the animal in the experiment process all together. Studying cells in petri dishes can give more accurate results because scientists can use human cells (Rogers, 2007). Along with that,…

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  • Why Is Animal Testing Necessary Essay

    In vitro testing, such as studying cell cultures in a petri testing, can produce more relevant results than animal testing because human cells can be used. Computer models, such as virtual reconstructions of human molecular structures, can predict the toxicity of substances without invasive experiments on animals. Microfluidic ship’s which are lined with human cells and recreate the functions of human organs. In Conclusion, Animal testing should not be done because like Mr. Kant said, He who is…

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