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  • Project Analysis: 04.4. Four Mechanical Designs

    The control unit of the project is an embedded system as it is embedded into a small circuit with a microcontroller. The software of the project is developed with the knowledge we gained from the software engineering course. The Arduino programming language used in the project is quite similar to C programming and Java programming. Those courses helped us to write the program for the project. The embedded systems course teaches about Pulse Width modulation, analog to digital conversion, and the use of general purpose I/O. This course helped us to use the microcontroller. The charging unit implemented in this project dealt with concepts and ideas covered in both Electronics I and II, such as feedback and the functionality of certain electronic components and devices. The knowledge from the Control Systems course was also instrumental in the design of this…

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  • Stepper Motor Reflection

    with the Microcontroller which is the controller of the motor that sends out the exact amount of steps that will be moved. It is also connected to an LCD display screen and a key pad. The signal then goes to the driver which ups the signal to be able to energize and excite the stepper motor to start operating. The torque generated then passes through the gearbox which drastically increases the torque which is then delivered to the system itself to rotate the mirrors. Literature Review 5.2…

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  • Wireless Transmission Project

    Leader) Yuddhya Bd Aryal Bijaya Sapkota Govinda pandeya (Team member) 3 PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITY 1.6.1 My role in the project was to design, assemble and perform simulation of whole mechanical and electronic circuitry. As my project was based on wireless system, I plan to divide whole design into two section i.e. Transmission section and receiver section. Thus, the main idea of the project is to control mechanical robot interfaced with electronic connection at receiving section…

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  • Walking Stick Essay

    A microcontroller is a small single chip computer that can do calculations automatically at high speeds with great accuracy. The walking stick is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor along with a water sensor. The project uses the ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles ahead using ultrasonic waves. On seeing obstacles the sensor passes the data to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then processes the data and does some calculations to determine if the obstacle is close enough. If the obstacle…

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  • Pulse Oximeter Essay

    Abstract— Optical Pulse Oximetry is feasibly the greatest advance in patient monitoring. Pulse Oximetry enables oxygenation, an important physiological variable that is poorly detected by clinical means, to be monitored continuously and easily. Hypoxemia is commonly found in all aspects of medical practice and is a major cause of organ abnormality and death. It should be widely available and used routinely in clinical practice both in primary care and in hospital. This paper will design a…

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  • Importance Of Surveillance

    to capture image [4]. when presence of intruder get detected ,sensor wake up MCU which is in sleeping state to start power supply to indoor sensor and signal transmission to GPIO system. Here we design an embedded based home surveillance system using infrared motion detector and RISC based microcontroller using embedded c language .This infrared motion detector will sense any intruder with 7 feet and then it send SMS through GSM modem to authorized…

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  • Analysis: Arduino Uno Board

    SECTION A: ARDUINO BOARD Fig 1. Arduino Uno board 1. ATMEGA328P MICROCONTROLLER FUNCTION: ATMEGA328P is a microcontroller from the AVR family; it is an 8-bit device, which means that its data-bus architecture and internal registers are designed to handle 8 parallel data signals. It has 3 types of memory: • FLASH MEMORY: It is used for storing application, which explains why you don’t need to upload your application every time you unplug Arduino from its power source. • SRAM MEMORY: Storing…

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  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Analysis

    basically a triple axis accelerometer, whose readings have been calibrated to give the specific orientation of the system. A brief discussion on the adxl 330 sensors have been presented in section 3. PID is the most widely used control strategy in the industry, due to its innate effectiveness and ease of implementation, on any kind of platform, be it software or hardware based. Literature on PID control and its application in the field of robotics, especially underwater vehicles have been…

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  • Swarm Robotics Essay

    robot consists of a rigid body which defines the whole robotic structure, an encoder unit, which provides input of the physical variables or the feedback to the control unit, the control unit which on receiving the physical variables or feedback accordingly manipulate or process the data to control the actuators. Fig. 1. Block diagram of a single robot. The actuator unit is the one which provides actual movement to the robot. For a mobile robot, the actuator used is a motor. The architecture…

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  • Pill Cam Disadvantages

    It is compose of non-toxic materials to avoid malignancy as it enters the human body. The wireless system is used to control the pill cam as it enter and exit the body of the patient. Through these characteristics, limitations have been generated. Since the pill camera is a wireless device as controlled by the Arduino microcontroller, the distance can the transmitter and receiver can communicate with each other is limited. Pill cam is operated using batteries. Pill cam has a life span and it can…

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