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  • Onenote's Reflection

    Mrs. Goff, a first grade teacher at Tuscarora Elementary School and a member of the Berkley County First Grade Leadership Team, presented a professional development on OneNote in the ballroom at Shepherd University. OneNote is an app that comes with Microsoft word or it can be accessed through getting online with a Microsoft account. OneNote serves multiple purposes, holding lesson plans, seating charts, substitute notes, and grades all without having to use a single piece of paper. When the teacher decides to share the lesson or a newsletter with parents or staff, she/he can choose who views her content. For example, an administrator can view the lessons at any time without having to hold a paper copy. Along with being able to share lessons, a teacher can choose someone or multiple teachers to look at the lesson and make…

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  • Administrative Medical Office Assistant Essay

    a medical office is going smoothly and seeing patients coming in and out of the office content with their visit, stop and think of how it begins and how it ends. It is the Administrative Assistant that is in a back office doing anything and everything to make this process smooth for the patient and the staff. Administrative Medical Office Assistant degree will appeal to more job opportunities that are currently in need of in the medical field. To start with, the education program for this…

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  • The BP Oil Spill: Strengths And Challenges

    BP Oil Spill When presented with this project during class, my group and I knew it would be a challenge, but knew with the right topic we could easily overcome the challenge. We thought long and hard about what topic we wanted to research. It had to be something that was interesting, impactful and well known. We thought of controversial topics, headliner news stories, and topics with familiarity. In the end, we chose to use British Petroleum’s (BP) Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast during 2010. The…

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  • Hsc300 Unit 3 Assignment

    to further develop my professional career in marketing and communications. 3). From your advertisement, it is clear that CDA is seeking to underpin an individual that has a solid foundation in communications, marketing, digital strategy, as well as the ability to collaborate on a team. As a dynamic business business professional with experience coordinating client-facing materials that help organizations leverage a competitive advance, effective content strategies, and business development, I’m…

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  • Central Highlands Community Legal Centre

    to consider the impact these deficiencies have on the organisation, its ability to deliver on strategic objectives, meet service level agreement (SLA) requirements and maintain a professional reputation. It is reasonable to expect senior administrative staff to have a high level of ability in writing and preparing documents, including developing and presenting appropriately policy and procedural documents. The inability of CHCLC administrative staff to deliver on these requirements increases…

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  • Monomyth Stages Organizer

    Name: ___________________ T: _____/15 A: _____/5 ENG2D1 Independent Reading-Looking for Alaska by John Green - Monomyth Stages Organizer – Part 2 Complete the following chart based on your independent reading selection. Use your paper copy for rough work and word process your final copy. This document will be available online for you. 1. Clearly identify and explain each stage 2. Find a quotation that best represents each stage. 3. Justify how this quotation demonstrates each stage.…

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  • Donation: Request For Support, Donance, And Appraisal

    the poor in their daily life. Thus the needy will get what they actually what they need instead of receiving only little amount of money which is most of time not enough, also if the donator will be donating through NGOs. The NGOs know exactly where to help, when to help, want to help and how to help they knows the need of the poor people better than common man thus if the donation is to made through the NGOs, then it will hit the nail in the right place and the correct and actual need of the…

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  • Scoring A Job Essay

    have to be organized and ready to take on a series of questions they may ask you. That slip of paper bonded in between your hands is the gold to success. It holds your passions and qualifications of you as a human being. There are six building blocks to a resume which include, contact information, objective, relevant skills, education, professional experience and addition information. Building Blocks to a Resume To create a resume, you need to first start by using a computer that has Microsoft…

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  • BIS 155 Final Exam Paper

    BIS 155 Final Exams To Buy This material Click below link BIS 155 Final Exam Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab (TCO 3) A retail chain keeps daily data with summaries of the dollar amounts of sales for each of 151 different products sold at 23 retail stores. The daily data is tracked by product and by store. At the end of the day each store sends its data to the sales manager at the corporate office. The data is sent in an Excel…

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  • Internet Jewelry Store Case Study

    reduces the time it takes to fill orders. Judy’s Internet Jewelry Store chose Pay Simple, DHL and Snapfuffil because of they felt all of the programs had the potential to save the business time and more importantly money. Programs to Support Judy’s Internet Jewelry Store There are various software programs that are needed to support Judy’s Internet Jewelry. Some of the programs are listed below: Digitivity Communication Software -which allows the business to communicate internally, via email…

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