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  • A Dream In Vivekanand Education Society's Institute Of Technology

    I have a dream that one day each one of us will be living in more comfortable surroundings with everything around us tailored by efficacious Embedded Systems. I have a dream that one day we’ll be breathing in a much cleaner air and healthier environment owing to the marvels of Embedded Systems. I have a dream that one day the deprived and the disabled would no longer be hindered by their inadequacy to progress because of the independence instilled by the resourcefulness of Embedded Systems. I have a dream that Embedded Systems would create a brighter future for us and I, for one, cannot wait to be one of the erudite creators. As bit by bit of this vision comes true, I wish to go back to yesteryear and traverse the journey travelled so far.…

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  • Project Analysis: 04.4. Four Mechanical Designs

    center. The combination of these two motions will allow the panel to be positioned orthogonal to the Sun. In order to allow rotation about the vertical axis, some sort of bearing system needed to be implemented to allow for nearly frictionless movement of the mounting structure. The device chosen to accomplish this task is a Lazy Susan bearing system. A Lazy Susan allows for the rotation of two parallel planes in opposite directions about their perpendicular axis. In this case, the…

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  • Advantages Of First Stand Alone

    operating system is the simplest non client/server operating system, which, as its name states, is merely designed to efficiently provide resources to run a single task or application, an only can be performed by a single user. Nonetheless, the operating system contains all the fundamental components as all other types of operating systems. Although it may interconnect and share data with other computer within a network, the single user is only able to execute a single task or application.…

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  • Embedded Economy In The 19th Century

    The market systems of present day are, for the most part, based upon some degree of capitalism. However, this was not always so. In previous societies, markets were heavily based upon societal factors; in fact, economies were an addition to the society, not a focus of society itself. This is where embedded and disembedded economies come into play. Disembedded economies, or capitalistic economies, are relatively new. Up until the 19th century, no one was focused on having money for the sake of…

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  • History Of Space Exploration

    in space. Some of the key aspects which had to be considered are the aspect that this probe had to be given a provision for a second launch in Jupiter and how it would interact with Jupiter’s gravitational pull. Modern systems are first simulated using computerized Software and their reactions studied when subjected to various dynamics. However, for the case of Voyager 1 during the time of its launch, the computer technology was dismal. Consequently, everything had to rely on human and…

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  • Raspberry Pi Essay

    the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools [1]. The comparatively low price and the relatively large possibilities of the central unit resided in, caused the Raspberry Pi being often used not only for educational purposes but also (individually or in sets) in steering processes or measurement systems. Fig. 1. Raspberry Pi Model B. The module of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer is based on the Broadcom BCM2835 SoC unit. Generally, the SoC (system - on - the chip)…

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  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Analysis

    interfacing of the sensors with Friendly ARM mini2440 and the resultant control algorithm implemented on the embedded platform to control the designed testbench. The control algorithm implemented is PID control. It is to be noted that the entire project was done to study the movements of an underwater vehicle and the ensuing control strategies and the prototype…

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  • Precious Movie Theory

    In the broadest conception, the term connotes a complex of interacting components together with the relationships among them that permit the identification of a boundary-maintaining entity or process” (p.7). A number of systems were noted and intertwined within the movie. Within each system, a different side of the individual was portrayed. Systems theory “describes human behavior in terms of complex systems. It is premised on the idea that an effective system is based on individual needs,…

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  • Electrical Impulses

    3. Explain the heart generates and conducts an electrical current. Page 388 The heart has its own built-in conduction system for generating action potentials spontaneously and coordinating contractions during the cardiac cycle. All the cardiac muscle fibers in each region of the heart are electrically linked together. The intercalated disks are connections that electrically join the muscle fibers of the heart into a single unit that can conduct electrical impulses through the entire wall of…

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  • Touch N Go Card Case Study

    Electronic Payment System (EPS) in the business. Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd provides a made of payment via a prepaid e-payment smart card called the Touch ’n Go card. The Touch ‘n Go card is an electronic purse that used to pay for toll usage at all highways in Malaysia. Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd uses contactless smartcard technology. The credit card-sized Touch ‘n Go smart card is made of plastic with Philips’MIFARE microchip technology (which is locally developed according to Mifare standard, the industry…

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