Voyager 2 Essay

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Voyager 1
Space exploration is complex. Scientists study the space in steps. Each step presents new discoveries, which make the scientists to rethink and restructure their exploration program. It is because of this that space exploration is full of historical programs, which have been in use to explore the universe up to a certain level. Each space exploration program is identified with specific equipment it used in its era. Development of these equipments uses the best available technology. After their development, they are sent to the space, where they are expected to send relevant scientific signals back to the earth for detailed analysis. Among those highly profiled equipments developed in the history of space exploration is
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Voyager 2 was launched first followed by Voyager 1 on September 5, 1977 (Showstack, 2011).
Key Scientists and Stakeholders Associated with Development of Voyager 1 Completion and launch of Voyager 1 is a work that was done by many people. However, among all these stakeholders, there are those who played a key role in the initiation and development of the program. ED Stone is highly regarded for the success of this project (Showstack, 2011). President Jimmy Carter is applauded for giving the project the much needed political which helped turn the plan into a reality (Showstack, 2011). Congress also played a key role, especially in funding the program.
The Golden Record Voyager 1 was sent out to the space and possibilities of it ever coming back to earth are very minimal. Consequently, the probe was fitted with Golden Record, which sends greetings to the universe. It is basically a time capsule that tries to explain the story of the earth to the inhabitants of extraterrestrials region if actually there such kind that exist there. The Phonograph aboard Voyager 1 is a 12 inch Gold-plate copper disk, which contains sounds and images. The recording has a printed speech of President Carter and Waldheim, who happened to be the U.N. Secretary General. The instructions, which are in symbolic form, aim at explaining the origin of Voyager 1. The record also has an audio part which has greetings from earth. There
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In fact, the computer technology was not as advanced as it is today. Communication devices and systems were not as developed as they are today. Nevertheless, the device proves to be living beyond the technology of today. The device is in the interstellar space and is out to make history. Travelling at a speed of 38, 000 miles per hour, the device is set to be the first man-made feature to ever exit the currently known solar system and explore the far galaxies (Cowen, 2013). This success can be attributed to the robust design of the probe, the powerful boost the device was given by its rocket and the propulsion it gained as it traversed Jupiter and Saturn. However, by the year 2025, Voyager 1’s power generators are expected to attain their full lifespan and perhaps that will mark the end of this incredible probe. Until then, voyager 1 remains to be the most relied upon probe in exploring the far deep side of the solar system. It is a project or rather a program that has earned its designers, and other stakeholders, a high reputation worldwide. It is a program that everybody wants to get associated

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