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  • Effects Of Microcredit In Bangladesh

    Rafiqul Molla. “Inside Productivity of Microcredit in Bangladesh: A Surgical Analysis.” Asian Economic and Financial Review, vol. 2, no. 3, 2012, pp. 478-490. In this paper, Alam and Molla analyze the effects of microcredit on the social and economic conditions of borrowers in Bangladesh. The assessment was conducted by interviewing 555 microcredit borrowers from all over Bangladesh and across several rural and urban districts. In addition, econometric tools have been used to analyze the qualitative data from these interviews, in order to report effective results. The findings reveal that the impact of microcredit on empowering women and creating social change is unclear. To be specific, the research…

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  • Microcredit Women

    Since the early 1990s, microcredit, or the provision of small loans to borrowers in the poorest areas in the world who lack collateral and employment, has been widely regarded as an effective tool to combat poverty. Microcredit loans have been widespread in development institutions across the socio-political spectrum in the Global South, as part of local and national government initiatives and as independent entities (Uddin 144). Many researchers and practitioners also consider microcredit a…

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  • Anchuria Case Study

    The president elect and I have recently examined three proposals that are very promising in successfully reducing poverty in Anchuria. Both him and I are devoted to reducing poverty in our country as well as providing jobs. As the Secretary for Economic and Development, I believe these three proposals from Yunus, de Soto and Kohli have the potential to spur economic growth and decrease poverty as well as determine the best way to use our resources. We were influenced by Muhammad Yunus to use…

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  • Kaveri Grameena Bank, Women Empowerment In India

    In India 21.9% people live below the poverty line. The overall percentage of households availing banking services in India stood at 59 percent in 2011, implying that nearly two-fifths of the population in India still remains unbanked. Micro finance has the ability to empower the poor to create the jobs, to raise incomes and to avail loans without collateral security and minimum documentation. The study put lime light on the role of Kaveri Grameea Bank in providing micro finance through SHGs. …

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  • The Self Help Group-Bank Linkage Program Case Study

    nutrition, and other basic social services messages the impact on children: education , health and nutrition; child labor; the impact on the community etc.(2001) 3) Hotze B. LONT Financial SHOs, Social Security, and State Involvement" At Java a wide variety of financial SHOs are popular,They can perform a wide variety of functions. One of them is the insurance function. In this respect, financial SHOs can play a part in the social security fabric that people develop and maintain in order…

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  • Microfinance And Poverty

    Muhammad Yunus, who started a project to lend small amount of money to people in poverty. His theory was that microloan can deliver poor people new impetus and opportunities to offer a decent education for their children or to run a small business, which will benefit their long-term well-being. The concept of microcredit was celebrated as the pivotal key to defeat poverty all over the world. However, fierce criticism followed the high expectations. Years after Yunus practices, many doubted the…

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  • Hih Case Study

    marginalized groups were offered employment opportunities at the same time that the local environment in poor villages was improved and soils were rejuvenate. • HiH opened multiple Citizens’ Centres across the country to improve access to information for poor and illiterate Indians and to educate them about their rights as citizens. By offering villagers access to computers, computer courses, and the Internet, HiH sought to bridge the prevailing digital divide between rural and urban India. As…

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  • World Poverty

    them will open their mind about how, what when to do something. Additionally, poverty will not end if they ignore the power of education that has been given. An individual itself play the important role to change their life and the government helps them to guide. They need to choose what is the best for them. The only bad thing I found that, knowledge will stop expanding if they educate their children the way they live and somehow they grow up at the past. Microcredit also brings an important…

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  • Gender Inequalities Of Women

    In addition, the exclusive economic interest is harmful. It is indisputable that women being paid and contributing to the economy is not helpful nor important. Of course, this is an essentially step in development progress…but it is only one step. Giving these women jobs just so they have jobs removes them completely from the control of resources and the employment process (Beneria & Sen, 2001, 144). It is not about what is best for the women and what they can achieve, just profit. The multiple…

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  • Grameen Bank Case Analysis

    It is an institution associated with Professor Mohammad Yunus and the micro-credit of the poor in Bangladesh. He held the position of Managing Director at Grameen Bank, an institution he founded in order to help the poor in his home country. Grameen Bank, which was set up in 1976 and was then transformed into an independent bank from governmental legislation in October 1983, is a microfinance organization and community development bank that offers microcredits or Grameen credits to the very poor…

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