World Poverty

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Poverty means people who are poor in the any country that need serious attention from all over the world. Poverty also relates to people with low income and really need help from someone to survive. Many people believe that poor people choose to be poor but we must understand the fact that world poverty in increasing towards the future. According to the statistic about world poverty, level is increasing year by year. Discussion over discussion has been made but still poverty in all over the world never ends. Meanwhile, this situation is getting worse and the world need to find a suitable solution to end world poverty. This essay is about to discuss the various solutions to world poverty and effectiveness of using the method to lower down poverty …show more content…
It begins from the government itself. The government should put on higher budget to educate the poor people and help them with vocational education or teach them something basic such as reading and understand. As we can see from the story of (William Kambumba,2008) from his own initiative, he went to the library to learn about solar and engineering and built a windmill to power a few electrical device for his home. Imagine if the whole village has the same vision and guts to learn something new and what knowledge that helps them in the future. Feed the poor people with education, they will change the way they live and it helps them to motivate other people around the world. To highlight the importance of education when people have been living at the same place, same community and same way of life, the same cycle of life keep moving through out the generations. As we can see from the documentary about living in the same community in the movie name growing up poor (growing up poor,2013). So by educating them will open their mind about how, what when to do something. Additionally, poverty will not end if they ignore the power of education that has been given. An individual itself play the important role to change their life and the government helps them to guide. They need to choose what is the best for them. The only bad thing I found that, knowledge will stop expanding if they educate their children the way they live and somehow they grow up at the

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