Microcredit Gender Roles

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In addition, the exclusive economic interest is harmful. It is indisputable that women being paid and contributing to the economy is not helpful nor important. Of course, this is an essentially step in development progress…but it is only one step. Giving these women jobs just so they have jobs removes them completely from the control of resources and the employment process (Beneria & Sen, 2001, 144). It is not about what is best for the women and what they can achieve, just profit. The multiple meanings of gender and development are warped to fit political purposes and economic growth (Varvus & Richley, 2003, 13). Microcredit is the lending of small investments to new businesses and communities in the developing world, mostly by international …show more content…
These criticism is inspired by Esther Boserup, a famous researcher and economist. Her work lead to the conclusion that in areas like Africa with a heterogenous population and nomadic culture, women tend to do the bulk of agriculture work (Beneria & Sen, 2001,142). Clearly this is displayed in the case of Senegal. Off the top this does not really seem like there would be any kind of issue with this, it further perpetrates gender roles. In the text of Beneria and Sen, it becomes clear that this culture can be dangerous in many ways. As globalization moves forward, women are easily being replaced by the technological advances in agriculture. Often times when this technology becomes available, it is not being shared with women. There work becomes even more under values and they are no longer a necessity. A piece of equipment has the power to do what they did more efficiently and in a more cost effective manner. Furthermore, while women are doing all of the work, they are still not the rightful owners of the land and still have to be given permission to use it. Men are still in the most control

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