Peet And Hartwick: A Critique Of Development

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The word “development” has become a buzzword at this point in history. Its definition and intention has changed a lot over time. What development was intended to be has drastically changed for the worse of the countries it was intended to help, and for the better of the countries on top. In this reflection, I will discuss the creation of development theory, and a few critiques of development. The word first came around as a positive mode of action for all countries after World War II. The first world countries, such as those in Europe, especially England, and America came together at the Bretton Woods Conference and decided on a plan for change. It was during this conference that the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International …show more content…
Peet and Hartwick talk about feminism and feminist movements and their involvement in political movements, social theories, and different philosophies of development. The theories discussed are more focused on gender relations as they go over the meaning behind feminism, feminist movements, and feminism’s involvement in development. Peet and Hartwick explain that there are three important movements that describe feminists’ struggles throughout history. The first movement occurred between the 19th and 20th centaury, in which people focused on women’s rights, such as the right to vote, property rights, and overall equity. The second movement shows how capitalism is a very gender-biased politic, and it is intolerant to women and their very little economic involvement. The third movement is still going on today as it focuses on defining gender terms and classifications. It considers the LGBT community and explains that feminism is not just for women. Peet and Hartwick emphasize that feminism should play a big part in development. They talk about inequality, the lack of women in policy-making and development ideas, and the unequal amount of work provided for women during, after, and before development. They talk about the importance of feminism being involved in development; in other words, development should be seen through a feminist view point to be inclusive of all genders. However, development as it stands, just like capitalism, is a very male-dominated project/field that is US led, and this is why women and feminism is not included or acknowledged. Development projects often say that they do think about women as they make sure that jobs are provided for them. They do not publicize that the work women do is longer hours and much less paid than males; the conditions the women work in are inhumane and men are rarely forced in

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