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  • Diversity In Boy Meets Depression By Kevin Breel

    Americas within a twenty-mile radius of my house. I grew up in a slightly racist household. My mom was very open-minded and willing to get to know other ethnicities and races. My dad on the other hand was not, he was very close minded and was not in favor of letting others into our society and especially our neighborhoods. I grew up with the thoughts that minorities take needed jobs, live off of welfare, reproduce to receive more welfare, steal and destroy property, and do not know how to drive properly. Throughout elementary school and middle school we had very few minority students in our class. This pattern slowly changed throughout high school. Around eight grade, a pastor in a neighboring town visited an island named Micronesia. While on this visit to Micronesia he brought back approximately fifty Micronesians. This was the first trip of many. As the Micronesians attempted to integrate into our small towns, I saw how unwilling small towns are to change and help others feel accepted. It was very obvious to me that they did not know anything about our culture, language, or the way our society functions. For example, one day while driving with my dad we met a Micronesian driving a minivan at the one and only four-way stop in my hometown. The Micronesian decided to roll through the stop sign, take a left without blinking, drive diagonal through the grocery store parking lot, park in a handicap spot, turn the hazard lights on, leave the car running with crying children…

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  • Hatohobei State Case Summary

    For a small country setting like Palau, the independent of their Judiciary is always going to be a challenge. Using the case study of Hatohobei State with only 25 people living on it. It has its own constitution, a 9 member legislator, a Governor, a Lieutenant Governor, traditional leader, legislative clerk, a treasurer, an Island Projects Supervisor and two island maintenance officials. Whether the Hatohobei state court would remain impartial when one family members or close relatives turn up…

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  • The Importance Of Biodiversity Of The Polynesia-Micronesia Hotspot

    In the modern world, global warming, poverty, and hunger are some of the most common problems that are worried for, but there is another global problem that is often neglected. Species are dying, which in turn causes the loss of biodiversity. In order to have a sustainable environment, there needs to be an increase in biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability of life on Earth. The number of species of plants and animals are both part of the biological diversity of the…

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  • Language Barriers In High School

    of the top positions within the churches and state, however there are a few women’s churches ran by the elder women amongst the community. To this day many of the marrages throughout the Federal States of Micronesia are still arranged by two consenting families. These arranged marrages are usually for expanding land, increasing wealth, and increasing the families status. To this day marriage is used to bring two “clans” together to create a stronger family. This marriages are usually proformed…

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  • Zika Virus Paper

    From 1947 to 2006 there were only a few sporadic cases recorded, but then in 2007 on Yap Island in the Federate State of Micronesia, more than 118 cases were reported (Charrel, Leparc-Goffart, Pas, de Lamaballerie, Koopmans, & Reusken, 2016). Following this outbreak on Yap Island, between the years of 2013-2014 there was another outbreak in the French Polynesian Islands. There were over 30,000 suspected cases (Charrel, Leparc-Goffart, Pas, de Lamaballerie, Koopmans, & Reusken, 2016). Zika,…

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  • Racial Discrimination In Hawaii

    confidence, and behavior as they settle into the American culture. Micronesia is a group of tiny islands located in the pacific. The Micronesian people are from the Republic of Palau, Republic of Marshall Islands, and the Federated states of Micronesia consisting Chuuk, Yap, Pohnpei, and Kosrae. These islanders have their own language, but they are under one name, Micronesia. Just because they are all Micronesian that does not mean they speak the same language. But within each island there are…

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  • NJ MED (From School) Proposed International Law

    countries, were children faces the greatest risk of attending school. The Target Nations Children Need the Most Help Right Now Below is a list of Forty-six countries that have been identified as the most unsafe environment for children to attend school: Angola Afghanistan Burundi Central African Republic Chad Comoros Democratic Republic of the Congo Cote d’Ivoire Djibouti Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia Gambia Guinea-Bissau Haiti India Iraq Kiribati Kosovo Lebanon Liberia Libya Madagascar Mali…

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  • Kawa Model Reflection Paper

    health and flow in life versus disability and impairment. In my practice setting, some of the older clients are immigrants from China, Philippines, Mexico and South America. Even though they have lived in America for decades, their habits and routines are strongly influenced by their birth land and culture. Every culture has its own set of rules and patterns that define their individual characteristics and separates them from other cultures. Moreover, eastern cultures value non-material…

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  • Essay On The Tipping Point

    “Look at the world around you. With the slightest push--in just the right place--it can be tipped.” This quote alone gives you the central message and theme of; how quickly things change and how easily people can be swayed. This can be applied to the world that we live in today. Society today is always coming up with new trends, new crazes and illnesses are becoming more common by the minute. This all relates back to the theme of; things can change and be shifted in a mere second. Some of…

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  • The Stickiness Factors, And The Power Of Epidemies

    maximum number of individuals that we can have a genuinely social relationship with. Chapter Six- Case Study, Rumors Sneakers, and The Power of Translation • People who are Innovators come up with new ideas that don’t follow the mainstream, but Translators take those ideas and change it into a more coherent form that the rest of us can understand. • Airwalk was a popular shoes brand in the 90’s because of its clever advertising that “translated” the skateboarding shoes by associating it with…

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