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  • Defining Personal Hygiene

    safety? It requires a “multitude of different professionals working together, making use of the best available science and technologies, less harmful cleaning products, requiring expertise from a variety of different disciplines such as: toxicology, microbiology, parasitology, nutrition, health economics, and human and veterinary medicine.” Also, wise food choices, using information provided in food labeling, and make certain of supply chain compliance with strong food-safety practices.…

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  • Pedicure Spa Case Study

    Question: How much bacteria will be found in each pedicure spa? Hypothesis: If I swab multiple pedicure spas using a test kit, streak plating, and colony morphology, then I will find the presence of bacteria is unsafe because cleaning practices are not followed properly. Procedures Determine the five pedicure spas in which you will obtain samples from Give each pedicure spa an anonymous name (Ex: Spa A, Spa B, Spa C) Type up an approval letter stating what you will be doing and what it is for…

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  • Lab Report For Gram Positive Cocci

    Summary The purpose and goal of this project was to perform a number of tests in the lab and use a dichotomous key to eventually classify a Gram-positive cocci that we were given on March 25th. The key has seven tests to help you determine a certain bacteria, your tests will later on lead you down a certain side to contribute in defining the genus and species. All the following procedures were carried out on the gram positive cocci unknown in this order: Catalase, Oxidase, Nitrate Reduction,…

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  • Potato Dextrose Agar Essay

    4.1 Maintenance and sub-culturing of endophytic fungi The cultures were procured from already maintained repository in laboratory. The maintenance of the cultures involved preparation of Potato dextrose agar (PDA) plates, sub culturing of cultures and long term preservation. 4.1.1 Preparation of PDA (Potato dextrose agar) plates 39g of PDA was dissolved in 1000 ml double distilled water, stirred to mix properly and was transferred into 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks and autoclaved at 121˚C at 15…

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  • Body Bacteria Exploring The Skin's Microbial Metropolis Summary

    Body Bacteria Exploring the Skin’s Microbial Metropolis by Allison Maclachla, Personally I found this article very engaging yet descriptive. Especially when she explained that not all bacteria are bad for you, and then continues to state some are very helpful. For instance she touches base on Staphylococcus epidermis, and how it shields us by taking up the space that Staphylococcus aureus would otherwise conquer. It’s intriguing to now know that acne (Acne vulgaris) the most common skin…

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  • Nanospalax Ehrenbergi Ethnographic Analysis

    Geographical distribution and Karyotype of Nannospalax ehrenbergi (Rodentia, Spalacidae) in Iraq (Kurdistan Region) Zaitoon Ahmed HAMAD1, Yüksel COŞKUN2*, Alaettin KAYA2 1 Dicle University Institute of Science Biology Section, Diyarbakır /Turkey 2 Dicle University Science Faculty, Department of Biology, Diyarbakır/Turkey *Corresponding author Geographical distribution and Karyotype of Nannospalax ehrenbergi (Rodentia, Spalacidae) in Iraq (Kurdistan Region) Abstract The…

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  • Burkholderia Pseudomallei Essay

    Burkholderia pseudomallei also called as pseudomonas pseudomallei is an intracellular gram negative bipolar staining aerobic motile shaped rod with a safety pin appearance when seen microscopically measuring 25 micro metre in length and 0.4 -0.8 micro metre in diameter . It is capable of self population using flagella. In vitro , it requires a temperature of 40 degree and grows in an acidic environment fermenting glucose and galactose . It produces both exotoxin and endotoxins. It causes…

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  • Ferric Chloride Test Lab Report

    Introduction The ferric chloride test is used to determine the presence of phenols in a given sample or compound (for instance natural phenols in a plant extract). Enols, hydroxamic acids, oximes, and sulfinic acids give positive results as well. The ferric chloride test can be used to detect metabolites in urine in case of inborn error of metabolism such as phenylketonuria. In addition,the Ferric Chloride test can be used to detect salicylates in urine after an aspirin overdose.1 Background…

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  • Atsuete Beets Experiment

    Results and Discussion A. Diffusion of selected plant pigments In conducting the diffusion of 4 different kinds of treatments (distilled water, distilled water placed in boiling bath, vegetable oil, heated vegetable oil), the researchers made use of the atsuete and sugar beets. The different kinds of treatments determined how the temperature will affect the color intensity of the atsuete and sugar beets. There were 4 test tubes used in each atsuete and sugar beets with each having a…

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  • Du Test By Tube Method

    Practical 2 Title: Du Test by Tube Method Aim: To perform the Du test by tube method Introduction: The D antigen is the most immunogenic antigen in the Rhesus blood group system. Rhesus positivity and negativity indicate the presence or absence of the D antigen on the surface of red blood cell. Du test is the further testing that is done to identify Weak D antigen when the cells being tested have failed to react with anti-D antisera at immediate spin. An indirect antiglobulin test is…

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