Personal Goals After High School

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One, morning as my father was dropping me off at my elementary school I had asked: “Can you bring me lunch today?” His face had to turn doubtful that he has going to disappoint his daughter. “I don’t have-“, his reaction had turned on the light bulb. He twisted his body around the seat to grab a dirty brown paper bag and hand it to me. Inside were his usual lunch, a tuna kit, and a mountain dew. “Thank you, daddy, I Love you!” I jumped off my seat gave him a kiss and ran off to school. My father was then an E-5 in the US Army and hardly making enough money to make ends meet. As the years past, now a CW2, his hard work has shown that he never wanted my family and me to be hungry ever again and to make sure that we were not struggling to make ends meet. Even though he put so much forth into his work, it has taken a toll on his own health. My father is not physically the same as he was younger. Now and then he would have minor PTSD attacks, trouble sleeping, and seeing. Seeing my only …show more content…
With support from my parents, I have accomplished many personal goals during high school and now college. I have become a very educated person with a great passion for learning new and different subjects. I am persistent, hardworking, and worthy of a student. I work well with others and can work under pressure when it comes to difficult obstacles. I won’t stop working until the work is completely done. When I complete one goal, I will make two more goals to keep on moving further. With all that I can do, I am still human. I make mistakes and will retry until I get it right. Right now in school, I am not perfect. I go tutoring almost every week to get extra help in something that I understand. With all the extra help that I need to understand something so simple, it has made a big impact on my learning experience. I deserve this scholarship because I am a person worth investing. A person with qualities no others have. A hard-working machine and human at the same

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