My Goals For High School

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My Goals
This semester is a new beginning for me. I 'm excited to continue this year working hard for good grades and experiencing new opportunities that make me a better person. My grades in school are my highest priority. I’m always worried about my grades going down or not being prepared for an exam. However, I will not back down this semester. I plan to do the best I can to learn a good impression for the rest of the college years. This year is the start of many more and I don’t want bad grades to lower my self esteem. The way to keep good grades is to study hard, go to class, and focus on the education. Anytime I can find time to study before or after work, I will make good use of. Waking up in the morning for class can be a struggle some
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However giving back to the community is something I still want to pursue more often when I can get the chance. I enjoy helping out in nursing homes but can sometimes be hard to help out for so many hours. After working in the hospital for 2 years, i’ve come to realization that I enjoy working with senior citizens. This motivation I had to give back gave me new opportunities at different nursing homes meeting a variety of people. The St. Francis Ministry would be a great place for me to visit to find more information about service at various places who need volunteers. I see service now as I am helping those who need me, when no one else will or can’t afford to. When I become of age in which I need guidance, I would want someone to do the same for me. Working toward this dream of mind, to work with seniors, Next summer my goal is to take a physical therapy technician course. This course will give me a view on what my career field will be like. The class will teach me the start of what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I will also be able to help others in a way that I feel makes more of an impact. I will need to enlist in the course soon to ensure I get an opening as soon as possible. This course will take a lot of time out of my schedule and may be challenging for me. Never before have I taken a class that is specialized for a specific job. To prepare for this class I can talk to a counselor and maybe discuss what I can do in preparation of the course and how to sign up. I am very excited to be able to make a difference in the world so early in my life with a fresh start. This semester I believe is going to change me as a person for the greater and help me overcome challenges in the far

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