Parable Of The Sower Analysis

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Explanatory Paragraph In the novel Parable of the Sower written by Octavia Butler, she shows that education is a key priority in life. Education is not just being book smart but it is also being educated in survival skills. In the narrative Octavia’s main character Lauren uses her knowledge to live a life that is extremely difficult. She educated herself with survival books about what wild plants that are safe to eat, what water is the drinkable, and how to use geography to an advantage. All these educational skills helped Lauren because when she fled her town it helped her survive in the tough environment she was in. Most people Lauren meets cannot read and write so she teaches them those skills which help her gain respect in her community. …show more content…
Junior year is here the most important year of high school. This year my goal is to get a 4.0 GPA and do great on my ACT scores. I stopped partying this year and I am really deciding to focus on the future ahead of me. This year I am taking classes that require time and dedication which I am willing to give. WOW! The first semester is almost over, and I have the best grades of my life all A’s! All I need to do is get A’s on my semester 1 final exams. YES!!! I shouted as my report card for semester 1 came back and I still had all A’s. But this is no time to be to confident my ACT is in one week now and I have to study as much as I possibly can. Tonight is the night before my ACT! The alarm goes off at 6 AM I set it extra early to eat a good breakfast and study a little more before I head off to take the biggest test of my life. Entering the door where the test is taken I have never been so nervous my hands were shaking, I was sweating, and my heart was pounding. When I finished the test I felt really good about it. I have to wait a week until my results but until then I hope for the best. Knock knock…. The test was delivered to my house with the results in the package. As I opened the packet and saw my results I bursted out in tears of happiness thinking of how proud of myself I am for deciding to commit to my education. With these results I now have the chance of getting a academic scholarship to a …show more content…
Summer is coming up and I will make my choice in the summer where I will attend college. Summer is here as Max sits in his room he shouts with excitement “I am going to college BABY”! He will be attending USC. As he made the choice to go USC his old best friend Dylan surprised him. Dylan says “man I wish I made the choice you did with education”, now I have to face the reality of life with no diploma because I partied and did not care about school and have to work at a minimum wage job while you my used to be best friend Max Campbell will be having a blast at college. Man I wish the best for you Max. As Dylan said all this to me I started to realize how much education can do for somebody who thought there going to end up being a no one. I never thought I would be the one with my ADD to end up the way I did. As I head up to USC for check in day I had the biggest smile on my

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