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  • Microbiology Lab Reports

    Sara Parks Unknown Report Introduction One of the many reasons to study microbiology is to gain a better understanding of microorganisms and the huge part they play in the world. It is imperative to know the differences between microorganisms. This knowledge is useful in many cases; for instance, a patient with an unidentified infection could be administered effective treatment if one possessed the knowledge to correctly define the microorganism. Furthermore, the purpose of this unknown…

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  • Microbiology: Code Of Ethics

    The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) has defined a code of ethics for its members. This document has detailed standards for ethics, rules of conduct, and has a provision for extensive ethical review of any breach of ethical conduct, with provisions for appeal as well. The vision statement of the code of ethics emphasizes the promotion of human welfare, accumulation of knowledge, and honesty and truthfulness in all activities endorsed by the society. The jurisdiction of this code of ethics…

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  • What Is The Effect Of Infection And Disease Control?

    microorgansims being responsible for contamination became more prevalent, some doctors and scientists made changes in their practice that reflected in their acceptance from the idea made by Joseph Lister in the introduction of aseptic techniques (microbiology, pg. 16). The epidemiology of nosocomial infections is not as difficult to understand as to trying to define epidemiology. Hospitals around the country see hundreds of patients daily, and many of whom do not suspect of getting an…

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  • Self Reflection Report Sample

    way. In the same manner, all the knowledge I learned from Microbiology class and laboratory sessions regarding microbial world equipped me to identify bacterial unknowns from a clinical sample. The task was to successfully separate and accurately identify two bacteria of a specimen taken from an abscess to safely and effectively treat the patient. A clinical sample # 76 was handed over by the professor with a microbiology requisition. Requisition stated that the source of the…

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  • Waste Dumpsites Case Study

    Bacterial community of some waste dumpsites in Lagos, Nigeria Moro, D.D.1, Bello, H.A.2 and Akano, S.O.3 1. Department of Microbiology, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria. 2. Department of Science Technology,Gateway Polytechnic, Igbesa, Ogun State, Nigeria. 3. Department of Medical Microbiology, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria. ABSTRACT Bacteriological…

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  • Corynebacterium Xerosis Lab Report

    clearing would appear around the disk containing the antibiotic. The diameter of this circle was then measured and compared with a table found on page 95 of the Microbiology Lab Manual to understand the antibiotics resistance, intermediate and sensitive levels, as they differ for each antibiotic. The numbers on the table in the Microbiology Lab Manual represented whether the microbe was resistant, shown in the light blue color on the graph, intermediate, shown in purple, or sensitive to the…

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  • Joseph Lister: Father Of Modern Surgery Essay

    I walk down a narrow hallway into the microbiology laboratory on my college campus. I am met outside of the door by the professor. He proceeds to set the guidelines for proper safety in the lab. The number one thing he says and repeats is the concept of asepsis or the absence of microorganisms. After I finally get the okay to walk through the door, ditching my things there as I continue into the lab. Sanitization of your hands and the lab bench are the priority, immediately followed by placing…

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  • A Motility Test Lab Report

    I. INTRODUTION The worldwide the bacterial community includes billions of microorganisms. Microbiologist and other scientists are constantly working of identifying species and classifying them by morphological, biochemical and molecular tests. This is valuable to the medical community, as some of these microorganisms are pathogens, but also to other industries such as pharmaceuticals, foods and drinks production, ecological, agriculture and biotechnology as humans have used bacteria for years…

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  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

    Interchangeability of the two anthranilate synthase and evolutionary implications. Journal of Bacteriology, 172, pp.884–900. Fothergill, J.L. et al., 2007. Widespread pyocyanin over-production among isolates of a cystic fibrosis epidemic strain. BMC microbiology, 7, p.45. Fuse, K. et al., 2013. Reduction of virulence factor pyocyanin production in multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy, 19, pp.82–88. Hassan, H.M. & Fridovich, I., 1980. Mechanism of the…

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  • Gram Catalase Test Report

    be used for making certain foods or antibiotics. Also, it can lead to many new discoveries such as new species or evolution of new species. This study is done by applying all of the methods and techniques that have been learned and used in the microbiology laboratory for the identification of the unknown bacteria’s. In this experiment, multiple of tests were conducted to provide the fermentation abilities, existence of specific enzymes, and certain biochemical reactions. Observations obtained…

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