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    In China, few researchers have explored women elite leaders’ ambition and competition with other women, or their relations, to develop relationship-based approach to women leadership. In my research I will explore how women elite leaders perform their ambition and competition between women in China. I will focus on women elite leaders’ experiences of social relations who are at the top of hierarchies as directors of Chinese listed companies. Moreover, I will explore some positive aspects which are still areas under study, Chinese culture is included in. As women elite leaders’ experiences of ambition and competition with each other in UK organisations have recently been studied by some scholars in the UK, I will extend their research. Through making a comparison between women elite leaders in China and the UK. My research sets out to explore the assumption that social relations such as ambition and competition between women may not be experienced similarly among women elite leaders in different cultures, and consequently may influence and restrain women elite leaders’ potential for promotion in an organisation. All interview participants are women entrepreneurs and other senior leaders (CEO, Senior Executives) belonging to companies which have stocks listed on Shanghai stock market or Shenzhen stock market. The interview is expected to last about 60 minutes. To capture your experience and insights, with your permission I would like to record the interview with a…

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    Adams Stein (2011), Jobs got the inspiration for the Apple II case by hovering through the kitchen appliance section of Macy’s, and looking at the plastic molds used for electric mixers and food processors. When instructing Manock to design the Apple II, Jobs allegedly used the Cuisinart electric mixer as an example. Jobs gazed at the sealed plastic edges of household appliances in Macy’s, and found something which could express the same principles of domestic comfort, stylistic integrity,…

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