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  • Covergirl Outlast Ethical Case Study

    keep up with the desires of the consumer (Bethel University, 2017). For instance, lipstick has evolved from a waxy, hardening, peeling material that made your lips feel like cracking which was the case with Covergirl Outlast Lip stain to a long-lasting, rich color, with a soft feel on the lips such as Maybelline NewYork Superstay24 2 step lip color. I need a mixer for cake batters, doughs and cookies. But, I want a Professional series KitchenAid counter-top mixer. The ads and word-of-mouth for…

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  • Dress Code Essay

    The notion that someone’s personal attire can disrupt someone else’s concentration in a learning environment is foolish to even consider. One dresses to fit ones personality, to boost ones confidence, and to make oneself feel original, not to be the top of their class. Material things such as clothes, piercing, and unnatural hair will only continue to cause a distraction when a teacher calls someone out for it being out of dress code. The distraction is not the dress code policy, it is the…

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  • Deaf Heart Reflection

    deaf community faces on a regular basis. While at school, Max would miss the morning announcements. There rarely was any visual aids or handouts that summarized the morning’s important announcements. It was worse, even in this case, that Max could not lip-read any one person either. There were no opportunities to gather any of this important information, particularly the time Max’s friend, Billy, passed away. Max had realized though his classmate’s facial expressions that there was something was…

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  • Myth: A Literary Analysis

    “Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?” The Flaming Lips has left this lyric embedded in the hearts of many people, but not everyone realizes this basic knowledge of human existence. There is a vast number of fundamental themes of our human existence that are not acknowledged, but is present in literature throughout history in every culture. Myths are fictional stories use metaphors to present and explain a mystery in the world—the source of study for human nature. They convey…

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  • Essay On Piercings

    Find needle, no needle, thumb tack will do. Mirror for placement. Adrenaline rush followed by pain. No turning back now. Struggle to get through cartilage, frustration arises. “Pop!” followed by pinching. IT IS THROUGH! Now pull thumb tack out and stick earring through. This was the steps from the first time I unprofessionally, with little sanitation added a new hole to my nose. I have never been grounded, but this was the first time my parents have ever grounded anyone. This reaction that…

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  • The Importance Of Body Modifications

    When it comes to physical appearance, there are many natural causes for the different variations of certain characteristics. Humans come in all shapes and sizes with enough combinations that it is not rare to have similar features to someone who may have a completely different background than you. Most of these characteristics occur naturally throughout one’s life, but some individuals take it upon themselves to create their own characteristics through a process called body modification. People…

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  • Creative Writing: Yoongi's Hangover

    back a few feet from the couch, turning to lean against the armrest of the seat, looking down at Yoongi. Releasing a stifled yawn, Yoongi was met with a stinging pain in his lip and cheek as he moved his facial muscles. Wincing, he raised a hand to the center of the pain, remembering that a cut in his cheek and lip were still present. "I tried to bandage them, but you were thrashing around half of the time." Yoongi looked up to Jimin, who was moving around the side of the couch to grab…

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  • Ear Piercing Among Teens

    Over the years, stretching an ear piercing has become widely popular among teens. The bigger that ear piercing is stretched the better it is. People find the whole idea of ear stretching to be gross and pointless. Ear stretching is not understood by older generations because of the terminology used when referring to ear stretching, the process of getting them to a specific size, and the whole idea of someone wanting to have giant holes in their ears. Older generations cannot seem to wrap their…

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  • Examples Of Social Injustice In The United States

    Social injustices are occurring all around the world all the time. Whether or not the United States should be involved with other countries’ is a question that has been a much conversed topic for many years. However, it should no longer be a question of if, but instead when; as in when will the U.S. government step in and be a helping hand. The overall definition of a social injustice is unfair practices being held and carried throughout society. Comparing the U.S. to others, it is one of the…

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  • Essay On Mercy Ship

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (The United Nations, 1948) outlines in article 25.1 that everyone is entitled to sufficient social and civil living standards. This encompasses the rights to food, clothing, shelter, access to healthcare and social security. In many privileged nations, copious amounts of people never give these rights a second thought. Most were born into an abundance of security. Unfortunately, many were not. The World Health Organization estimated in 2010 that over…

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