Descriptive Essay About Pain

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Pain. The feeling is more than I could bare. A quick intake of breath and my lungs fill with steam. A squeal escapes; it is not much of a noise. My arm covers my face, and I run. I run from our small kitchen to our living room. Dad is on the couch and looks up when I run into the room. The pain is too much to even to make the smallest of noises. I run in my mouth open and top half of me soaking. He rises quickly and pulls me to the stairs and calls for mom.
“Ronae, get down here now.” He says his voice serious. I run my fingers over my face and feel my damp hair pressed against my brow. To me, it feels like my skin has shriveled. Fear fills me. I think how my face has possibly been ruined forever. The thought of it makes me scream. My mom appears at the top of the stairs, her face etched with fear. She heard the seriousness in my
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She sees the dilemma and ushers us into the examination room. The room was vast with few furnishings. Nurses and Doctors come to my aid. Before I can react, they cut my shirt off. They scrutinize my top half. They rate most of my burn as second degree, but they rate my left shoulder as third degree. My legs are shaking from the cold towels I was wrapped in. As they decide on treatment, the wrap heated blankets. One nurse comments that I was shaking like a leaf. She wasn’t exaggerating.
My body slowly warms and they move me from the examination table to a bed and move me to a little room separated from the rest of the teeming hospital by a simple curtain. Finally they do their best to wrap my burns. The pain is so bad I can barely feel it. They put ointment and cotton pads on the worst of the burn and do a careless job of wrapping them in place. We sit there for most of the day waiting for them to decide whether or not to send me to another hospital or keep me over night. By about five o’clock, they release us. I leave a trail of bandages behind me as we head out to our

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