Essay On Group Observation

There is one fantasy that I have been imagining for the longest time. I was once interning in a youth group at my church. There were boys and girls from middle school all the way to seniors in high school. There was this one family who had a 16 year old son. They were new to the church so it was my first time seeing him. I still remember the first time on a summer trip seeing him come out of the showers with just a towel on. He was not super muscular, but his chest and abs were nice and defined. He barely had hair on his chest so it was just smooth and beautiful. I remember trying to not make my staring obvious, but I could not take my eyes off of him as he walked by.The guys in the group always used to wrestle and play fight in the "boys room" …show more content…
I push the boy down and start sucking and dragging my tongue down his next and chest until I get to his nice hard cock. I slowly take it into my mouth as she positioned herself over his face and slowly moving herself down to his mouth. I look up while his dick is in my mouth and I see him licking and sucking her little clit. After some time sucking him, I pull her closer to me and push her down in doggy position. I slowly move inch by inch until I am all the way inside of her. I start thrusting inside of her tight young pussy. He gets in front of her and rubs his dick on her lips until she starts to take it in her mouth, sucking him. I flip over and position her on top of me, sliding herself onto my dick. He moves up to my face and I take him in my mouth. She is riding me harder and harder while I have her brothers cock in my house. I can hear his moaning grow louder as he tenses up and lets his cum inside of my mouth. He lets out a grunt as I suck him more, making sure I did not miss a drop of him. Once I swallow it all, I lean up and start pounding her again from behind. I can feel myself getting close to cumming, so I pull out of her warm pussy as she turns around and puts her open mouth right in front of

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