Wonho: A Short Story

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“Coming, coming!” you hollered at through your apartment as you half jogged to the front door. You’d just put on your pajamas, and were just about ready for bed, so the knock at the door was a surprise. You pulled the door open, surprised to come face to face with Wonho. It had been a while since dinner at the Monsta X dorm and the two of you hadn’t spoken much.
“Wonho? What are you doing here?” you asked.
“We said we’d make plans for later,” he walked passed you, not waiting for an invitation to come in.
“Yeah…” you shut the front door and turned to find him leaning against your kitchen counter.
“It’s later,” he said, standing up straight and holding open his arms.
“It’s late,” you walked towards him, cautiously.
“That’s cute, real cute.
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You took him deeper and Wonho grabbed your head to guide you up and down at his preferred pace and you moaned, sending vibrations through his body and for a while you relinquished control to him.
As he guided your head back up, you let your teeth drag gently up his member and he moaned. He attempted to push your head down again, but you resisted and instead decided to focus on the head as you pumped him. His moans grew louder and his breathing became more shallow as he neared climax, he roughly pulled you away and up his body into a rough kiss. His tongue plundered your mouth as he maneuvered you under him and he urgently stripped you of your panties and settled between your thighs, your legs over his shoulders.
Your body body hummed with anticipation as he spread the lips of your vagina. His tongue ran along your slit as a finger slipped inside of you. His mouth closed over your clit and he sucked gently, his finger moving inside of you. Wonho 's mouth moved over you, licking and sucking as he worked in a second

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