Descriptive Essay About A Wedding

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My husband is an entertainer and most times, when he had a wedding reception to DJ, he would bring me along to help set up the equipment and gives me a chance to get out of the house. We were doing a reception at a large resort and as always, he got the party bustling. The only problem is, I’m not really the outgoing type of person so I usually just sit around for 4-5 hours, getting a couple of drinks while he works the party people. This was no different than the others at first.

Hours passed, I was sitting there, bored and drinking my second vodka when Axel started the chicken dance, hokey pokey and other songs he put together. This was an awesome bunch and they were real party people so he really had the floor packed. As the line of people
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As he was looking through his music, he told me that Sam seemed to be interested in me. I told him I noticed and was flattered since I was 10 years older than him and he was kind of cute. Axel told me if I wanted to have a little fun, I should unbutton another button on my dress. Considering the fact hat I was braless, it would give him a better view. I smiled and did just that. When Sam came back for another dance, I leaned over a little more than normal when I stood up so that he would have a quick glance at my tits. We went out to the dance floor and danced like crazy and I noticed Sam was really struggling to get quick glances at my breasts. I was having a lot of fun and between the vodka and staring, I was getting …show more content…
We were getting down to the last hour when Axel played another slow song. This time, Sam’s hand got bolder from cupping my ass up to my breasts on his own accord, making me shiver with pleasure. “You’re so hot,” he whispered. I decided that I was going to see just how far this young man would go. As he gently squeezed my breast, I whispered in his ear that I was wearing a garter and stockings with no panties. His hand stopped for a couple of seconds and his step faltered so I knew he heard me. I moved with him into the corner of the dance floor and turned myself slightly sideways again, only this time, I took his hand from my breast and slid it up my dress to my hot pussy. He only hesitated for a moment before sliding a finger in and he whispered his delight at finding me shaved down there. The song ended and he reluctantly took off his finger from my pussy just to tease him more. I grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to my face sucking his finger into my mouth. His eyes grew wide with pleasure as I quickly sucked down my own pussy juices off his finger as if I were giving head. I let myself be excused and asked if he would bring me another drink and he stammered an affirmative reply as he set off to the

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