Marriage Essay Conclusion

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Marriage is a significant event in one’s life; it is a right that individuals have to express their love and commitment to one another. Having a strong connection with someone they hold dear to their heart is an incredible feeling. The ability to speak with someone, and knowing that that person has their best interest at heart, is a treasured aspect of life. Having a relationship that is so deep and passionate can bring a person insurmountable happiness. Creating a bond in which a couple not only have a best friend, but a life partner, helping them through the good, bad, joyful, and sometimes ugly moments. Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals; that represents the utmost respect, love, trust, friendship, value, and lifelong commitment …show more content…
There is a process in meeting the right person, and a pair will go through a series of events, deeming whether or not the other is worth exclusively dating. In making that decision, a duo is choosing to develop an esteemed level of respect for the other person, and they may start to fall in love. Falling in love and learning how to appreciate not only the person they are with, but the aspects that individual brings to their life is key. The couple then must learn that they have to be considerate of the other person’s feelings above their own at times. Respect in a relationship is paramount, and can help create a stronger bond in a …show more content…
In the process, remaining the best of friends as a couple’s marriage ages is vital to keeping a happy, healthy connection. Being able to laugh and enjoy each other is critical to a marriage. It is also an excellent idea to maintain the dating aspect alive even after getting married; it is a way to keep things fresh and exciting. Another critical thing a twosome must do is to have clear lines of communication with each other. Communication can strengthen marriage and help amplify the level of respect a couple feels toward one another. Always being honest and not keeping secrets from their spouse is imperative, keeping secrets and leaving any room for misinterpretation can cause unnecessary issues; having a strong friendship in a marriage helps to keep these matters from

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