Personal Narrative: Short Story Of Nicki's POV '

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Nicki 's POV

As his head was coming up Lani walked in "I hope I wasn 't intruding on anything but its time for dessert" he said and then rolled his eyes while walking off.

I giggled "Well thank you" I said to Drake blushing awfully hard, my panties were soaked his kisses turned me on, I knew he was just trying to be sweet, it was innocent.

"Your welcome, well before we go out there can I get your number ?" He asked

"Yeah no problem" I said taking his phone and entering my number

As we got off the bed, I was about to walk out until he pulled down my dress and grabbed my hand. I wasn 't sure if it was the pill, him, or both but I felt like I was on an all time happiness high. He had me feeling like I was walking on air.

Our mother stared
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I quickly undressed and opened up the door.

"So I kinda already got over the awkward get to know you hump what do you wanna talk about now?" I asked her

"I don 't know lets just go cuddle for a bit." she said

"Alright" I said getting into her bed where she laid her head on my chest.

"Can you tell me about your brother ?" She asked

"What do you wanna know ?" I asked feeling the sadness spread across my body, I couldn 't take anymore pills or smoke cause I was with her.

"Do you have a picture ?" She asked

I grabbed my phone out my bag and showed her the screen saver of Jermaine and Junior. She smiled

"You look like him, in a way , who is the boy ?" She asked

The pain was scratching at my heart "That 's my nephew I haven 't seen him in two years, Jermaine has a different father." I said beginning to feel the tears falls

"I 'm sorry" she said running her hand up and down my chest

I sniffled a bit trying to stop the tears. "You want to know anything else ?" I
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I just couldn 't fathom anyone trying to save me. This situation was weird, everything felt so right but could I trust it. "Oh I 'm sure you will be my little savior, I just hope I can do the same." I responded

Nicki 's Pov

I saw the pain in his eyes. The thing about anxiety is that it eats at you makes you question every move before you make it, you feel stupid or crazy maybe even both. You 're just deemed as broken and weird, but your still a person underneath it all. I didn 't know how he helped me cope, maybe it was the fact I could attach myself to someone again. He brought me so many emotions I barely knew him. I was to worried about losing him to even know if I could yet alone trust him in these sessions that were about to begin.

"Well, I ought to head off to bed and you should too unless you want Jelani up in here" I said laughing

"5 more minutes please" He begged

"Fine 5 more minutes" I said

He sat there looking at me, he just wanted five more minutes to share and soak in our ever lasting moment. I started to feel sleep come to my eyes next thing I knew I was

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