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  • Determinants Of Peace Democracy

    Determinants of Stable and Peaceful Democracies: A Comparison of India and Pakistan Once part of the same dominion, India and Pakistan saw diverging political trajectories after partition in August 1947. Save for a period of emergency rule under Indira Gandhi between 1975-77, India is largely depicted as having successfully consolidated a stable and peaceful democracy. In contrast, Pakistan has alternated between military dictatorship and weak democracy characterised by violence. Comparing the…

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  • Fascism Vs Communism

    The triumph of the West is becoming more and more realistic as each year passes and more anti-western governments reform. Citizens in countries yet to adopt liberal democracy hold protests in hope that their government will one day admit defeat to an unabashed victory of economic and social liberalism. In the countries that allowed for liberal…

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  • The New American Militarism Analysis

    statement to understand, nonetheless. America would not have a purpose if it were not for trying to seduce other countries into its way of thinking. Wilson’s Fourteen Points would eventually go on to creating a nation “committed to the principles of liberal democracy and free enterprise...the values distinguishing the United States itself (Bacevich, 11). Bacevich argues how that same Wilsonian paradigm is still present in our society today. After the catastrophe of September 11, President George…

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  • Gun Ownership Pros And Cons

    The liberal ideology behind gun ownership takes the stance that some type of gun restriction or ban should be imposed to control the gun violence in the United States. The vast majority would be for an imposed restriction, while the farther left and fewer liberals would suggest for an all-out ban or ban on certain guns. Furthermore, believing that the gun is what causes the crime. If the gun was restricted in some way people would not have the ability to cause such harm to the general welfare of…

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  • Locke Vs Rousseau

    Among social contract philosophers, John Lock contributed most to the shaping of the modern conception of a liberal democracy. In fact many of the values of liberalism can be traced back to John Locke, in particular, a governmental system that is popular, limited, responsible and representative. Locke argues that in a state of nature, individuals enjoy certain inalienable rights and these rights have to be protected by a governing body. As a result, a social contract stems from a group of people…

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  • The Aesthetics Of Sport Analysis

    talented, and dedicated high school seniors are required to select an academic major that is, more often than not, not relevant or consistent with their true intentions of attending the college they choose. Improving athletic skills is why significant numbers of NCAA Division I student-athletes are at their respective college and this is the main reason why they 've gone to their campus of choice. These students are very open about their intentions and neither them nor the media makes an attempt…

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  • State Institutions: Comparing Norway And Ethiopia

    The Significance of State Institutions: A Comparison between Norway and Ethiopia There are several different ways in which a state can choose to govern its citizens. The two types of government that are frequently analyzed and structurally oppose one another are authoritarian versus democratic regimes. The main difference between a democracy and an authoritarian regime is that a democracy is comprised of a government that reflects the wants of its citizens. On the other hand an authoritarian…

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  • Democratic Peace Thesis

    Challenging the Democratic Peace Thesis, which claims that democratic regimes are “peaceful” and do not fight, Duncan Bell’s Before the democratic peace: Racial utopianism, empire and the abolition of war calls attention to the shortcomings of democratic regimes’ ability to provide an egalitarian and peaceful society, even going as far to mark democracies as war prone. Furthermore, the article engages with various strands of political theories, such as radical liberalism and socialism, which…

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  • Australia And Us Relations Essay

    cemented trade agreements, resulting in benefitting both nations, and their strong alliance is due to many of their shared cultural beliefs and democratic views. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, culture is defined as “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” (Culture, n.d.). Based on this definition, a comparison can be made on many different levels, from military priorities to society and…

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  • Realism Foreign Policy Essay

    way in which a government deals with other governments and is typically a reflection of that nation’s interest or the values of the people. For this reason, there is often quite a lot of debacle over foreign policy, changing when there is either a liberal or a conservative administration. There are two primary approaches to dealing with foreign policy, realism and idealism. Realism is the idea that national interest and safety is put above moral principles whereas idealism is the idea that…

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