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  • Conversation Cafe Essay

    Since we could not have the event on a weekday before Thanksgiving due to our conflicted schedule, we could have held our conversation café on a weekend afternoon. Most college students are free on a weekend afternoon. It is very difficult to attract people to attend a conversation café when they are not benefited for it. Especially it is harder to have people who are not your friends. All the participants in our conversation…

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  • Reflection On Tim Love

    After conducting an in-depth interview with successful college graduate, Tim Love, I have formed multiple connections from his college experience to ideas presented in past readings, lectures and discussions. Before explaining my findings, I think it is important to note that Tim is a thirty-three year-old married father of one daughter (soon-to-be two daughters) who works as a dean for Loyola University where he attended college and received a major in Italian. The first insight I formed was…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Going To College

    difficult and request a lot effort and sacrifices. One of those challenges is going to college. Different people, with different nature and different ideas lead to multiple choice and desire. In those next lines, I will talk about the choice of going to college or not. Also, I will explain some reasons for pursuing a college education those days. Moreover, I will argue about the process that is taught in college and that it should…

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  • Higher Education During The Colonial Period

    Latin), rhetoric, and math (Marsden, 1994). These same subjects continued into the antebellum period (1789-1861). While the Yale Report defended the classical curriculum of Greek, Latin, and math, many colleges (especially women’s colleges) preferred to emphasize English and modern languages. Colleges sought ways to increase vocational skills (like bookkeeping) and social mobility. Civil engineering grew during the period as a response to military academies such as West Point and the United…

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  • The Anti-Intellectual Environment Of American Teens: Article Analysis

    Bauerlein, Mark. "The Anti-intellectual Environment of American Teens - Education Next." RSS. President & Fellows of Harvard College, 23 Apr. 2009. Web. 01 Dec. 2015. Throughout the article, The Anti-intellectual Environment of American Teens, Mark Bauerlein states that even with the rise in college attendance rates, the standardized test scores or the student knowledge is not increasing. Though students are passing the AP exams and more people taking those classes, students should be…

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  • Michigan Research Community

    She also mentioned how MRC was a place for students to grow from their first semester without them feeling judged (Bass). Based on this statement, students may feel uncomfortable at the beginning of the year with the transition from high school to college. But in MRC, with many events and opportunities, students change from the beginning of their freshman year to the beginning of their sophomore year. Amanda Loh, a Graduate Student Instructor and Graduate Assistant in the Michigan Research…

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  • Essay On Realism And Liberalism

    There are three main schools of thought in International Relations and they are realism, liberalism, and constructivism. Liberalism is the paradigm that in short, holds the belief that emphasizes the importance of the international institutions that would serve to check relations with other international state actors. Realism stems from the notion that in this anarchic international stage, each state is out to better itself and the only way to survive is to gain more power. Constructivism is a…

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  • Security Issues In International Relations

    The official academic field of international relations is a recent field of study, beginning after the end of World War II, in the political sciences. While the academic field is fairly new establishment in the political sciences, the issues at the core of the discipline have been discussed for hundreds of years. One of the issues that is central to the division of international relations is the idea of security. The topic of security contains many different aspects all of which can be addressed…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Test Scores

    As many high school upperclassmen begin the search for colleges, one of the biggest things a student will look at is whether or not they are up to par with the admissions requirements. Many factors play into these requirements such as grade point average (GPA), extracurricular activities, community involvement, maybe even an essay, however, the most daunting requirements for these students is the section that reads “Test Scores.” Standardized test scores are used to weed out applicants and scare…

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  • Standardized Testing Pros And Cons Essay

    When students think about applying to college the first thing that comes to mind is the SAT; and how they are going to prepare. Many question if there should be alternatives for standardized testing that could outweigh the benefits of the SAT? Right now this is a controversial problem it affect people all over the country when they are applying to a colleges of there choice. This issue is relevant because today there are schools that are putting aside the SAT and using other alternatives to…

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